Buckle Up and Don’t, You Know, Die.

People who have ridden in a car with me know how serious I am about seat belts.

Yep.  I’m doing a PSA about seat belts.  Get on board.

Anyway, I think it all started with my older brother, who we’ll call “LT”.  It’s kind of an inside joke, like, inside my head.  But it’s fine. LT used to drive me to school and he was really into seat belts.  In fact, he was so into seat belts that he wouldn’t budge until everyone was wearing one.  Truth.

So that practice groomed me for my own obsession with safety (plus a truly heinous car accident in 2011, but that is a story for another day)  which is why this video that my grandmother sent to me was so powerful.  So I’m going to share it with you!

This was originally produced by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and you can check out their website at http://www.SussexSaferRoads.gov.uk

The moral of the story?  Wear your seatbelt.  Always.

Happy Sunday!