Have hot glue, will travel.

I’ve been home for 3 days in a row because of the ridiculous weather we’ve had. We’re two weeks away from the official start of spring and there is 5″ of snow on the ground. Ugh. I’m also holding down the fort for a week while my mom is visiting David & Maggie on the West Coast. So in addition to cabin fever, I’m also an extremely introspective person, alone with her thoughts for a week.

Such potential for bad.

20150306_133152In that spirit, I’ve done my best to stay busy. I have a ton of projects I’ve started, or intended to start, but never got around to finishing. One such project: sorting, purging, and organizing the contents of my closet. With weight loss and finally unpacking from my move (4 years ago *shame*), I have tons of things that no longer fit or are no longer my style. Buh-bye!

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: you hang up all of your clothes in the closet. In defiance, they slide right off the hangers, onto the floor. You then hulk out in frustration and demolish a small village. There are angry villagers and pitchforks involved and your weekend gets way more interesting than you planned.

Solution: hot glue. Seriously.

Simply apply a bead of glue along the top edge of each plastic hanger and it becomes instantly non-slip. Voila!


A couple notes on hot glue:

  1. The name is not a misnomer. This stuff is hot, so this isn’t really a kid-friendly project.
  2. The glue cools really fast, so make sure you get it where you want it, and nowhere else.
  3. This isn’t exactly a permanent solution. If you’re gentle on the hangers, the glue should last indefinitely, but it may eventually get brittle and start to come off.
  4. Allow the glue gun to cool completely before you put it away, being especially careful around the metal tip.
  5. Don’t have a glue gun of your very own? Please don’t spend a fortune on one. I have a mini high temp glue gun (like this one) It cost me about $3, and I’ve had it for almost 10 years. Unless you need an industrial size gun for some reason, this works beautifully.

Once I got into a rhythm, it didn’t even take that long to get all of my hangers done. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

[Re]Working It…Day 76

My dearest Bleader,

Can you believe that this is the last first week of our summer series?  Personally, I am super excited to no longer have to do three hours of outfits, however, I’m very sad that dress up time is over. With that being said, I think August has great outfits in store for you. Simone and I worked very hard to give you 31 awesome outfits for this month.  So, without further ado, I give you — Round 1.

Before we begin, let me just say that three months of outfits has really tuckered us out.  There were moments during this photo shoot when I just wanted to sleep and Simone wouldn’t let me.  Some of the things that get said during a middle of the night fashion fest are fairly priceless.  My favorite: “I sighed and then I thought, ‘Man, that sigh sounded super forlorn.'”

Outfit 1: If you haven’t figured out already, I LOVE yellow!  This outfit is super comfortable and easy and can be taken from brunch to barbecue, with little to no work.  I dressed up this outfit with Princess Kate earrings (let’s be real, you know exactly what I mean) and nude flip-flops.  Nude heels would work well also, to take this outfit to a fancier affair.

Outfit 2: As previously discussed, my favorite piece this month is my maxi dress from Wal-mart.  This season, maxi skirts have made an appearance.  I’m not sure how I feel about them, but what better way to test the waters than to pair a maxi dress with a tee?  Shopping or travel, this dress is roomy and comfortable.

Outfit 3:  This is simple and accessible.  Casual Friday appropriate, this slides right into dinner with friends. Make sure that when you pair multiple neutrals, make sure you include a splash or two of color, to take your outfit from drab to fab!

(Note* Simone thinks “drab to fab” is ridiculous and made me change “pop of color” to “splash of color” because she hates the word “pop”.  She’s kind of a diva, but what are you going to do?)

Outfit 4:  This is a great outfit using our flowy white dress, and layering the turquoise tee over it. Super comfortable, super cute, super perfect for church, work, or brunch (Change shoes when appropriate, of course.) I chose to add a yellow necklace to this outfit, because ya know, turquoise and yellow, MY FAVORITE!

Outfit 5: Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this outfit.  It basic and simple and the necklace makes it seem polished.  Moccasins are a comfy alternative to sandals. So there you go.

Outfit 6: You know those days when you really don’t want to get dressed?  This is that outfit.  It’s so easy it’s criminal.  Wear it anywhere and wait for, “You always look so cute!!!”

Outfit 7: I am very proud of this outfit (!).  This is true testament that black and brown can be worn together.  The black in the upper portion of the outfit connects it to the pants and pulls it together.  This is a great outfit to wear to work, or even to Church.

Outfit 8: Something, something, something…Rosie the Riveter.  I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of this outfit, but it’s cute.  This is actually a dress with a tee on top of it, something we did a lot this summer.

Outfit 9: This is another outfit built on the strong foundation of neutrals, with accessories to spice it up.  Silver chains and a yellow necklace add layers of texture to what could easily become something horribly boring.

Outfit 10: I heart these shorts.  They are a nice change of pace from the run-of-the-mill solid short.  They can be challenging to style.  However, it’s always easier to style an outfit with a second set of eyes giving their opinion (thanks, Simone!). Layering color on color keeps this from looking accidental and the belt acts as a grounding piece.

So this is the beginning of the end.

Sad but exciting, my fashion fast is nearly over.  Can you say woo to the hoo? Yeah.

17 days.  What out stores, I’m getting ready for you. You are on alert.

Until next week!

[Re]Working It…Day 70


So I feel like I need to start by explaining myself. Last night was my father’s birthday. Sixty-one. SIXTY-ONE. After 61 years, you have to get creative with the things that he would like to do and receive for his birthday. Cue: Tequila Grill, a super yummy Mexican Restaurant right down the street from us. Simone and I have frequented a few times. Their fajitas are to DIE for. Mmmmm…tasty! Anywho…this is what he wanted so this is what we did. Three orders of fajitas (there were three of us, not all mine…), one sombrero and 8 singing waiters, and a Feliz Cumpleanos, Papa!

I know you think this has nothing to do with you, but this was, in fact an ALL EVENING affair. In our family we go big or go home…but our home is kind of big, so really there’s no option in the matter. SO. Long story short, I’m behind, I’m sorry, I’m going to try harder next week.

Now, onto the real stuff.

For the month of August, the last **tear**real month of summer (or summer break at least), I opted for a lot of “boring” pieces that you could really see at any time of year. For instance, black trouser pants, these are cotton, from Old Navy and can be worn year round and are virtually flattering on everyone. I also opted for a pair of skinny jeans, I know we have our boot cut jeans that we use in our Essential Outfit. However, I feel like most of us have more than just boot cut in our closet so I wanted to incorporate them. Additionally, I added two t-shirts that can take you clear into fall and if styled appropriately even winter and a polo that is great for work or play.

The other five pieces are more seasonal, a white, gauzy dress, something you  won’t really see after September, a denim dress, depending on the temperature this could potentially wear into October. As well as a Maxi dress, print shorts and a print blouse. Special focus on the maxi dress. This is my favorite thing right now. The maxi dress is so comfortable. I love this one because it was a Wal-Mart find. (I KNOW, I was surprised too!) You can wear a dress like this anywhere and feel free and cool and stylish.

And those are out thirty one pieces. Without a doubt this was our easiest month to date. Despite what pictures showed you last week, I think it was because we are finally getting the hang of this! Who would have guessed?! Tune in next week for round one of the outfits!


Pssht…I could do that….

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!

Too early for that?  Sorry.  Let me try again

*good morning*

Better?  Good.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  As you may have read on Friday, Emily and I were supposed to have a crafting weekend but since she bailed on me  couldn’t make it, I crafted alone.  I finished two projects and got materials for two more, and all in all, I think it went quite well.  The project I want to share with you today is a tee-shirt scarf/necklace thingy.  It has some interesting origins, kind of a right place, right time, deal.  Obviously, I just finished my Tee Shirt Quilt, and I had leftover tee-shirt pieces from the project. Then, I was trolling around Pinterest one day and I saw this:

Blue Ocean Fabric Necklace

Pretty, no?  It’s lovely, but the link goes to an Etsy store, and not a tutorial (Click the photo to see the original posting).  I didn’t really want to buy one, when I was sure I could make one just as easy, so I did.  There you go. Now, the original necklace is just made of soft jersey, not tee shirts, so it’s a little different.

I started with the bottom parts of 4 different tee shirts.  Because my shirts are different brands/sizes/colors/materials, they have different stretch capacities, and didn’t all turn out the same length. I like it a lot, but  if it bugs you, make sure you use identical shirts.  Also, I only had the bottom third or so of the shirt to use, but if you’re starting from scratch, you can use the entire torso from under arm to hem.  Just don’t actually use the hem, it won’t work.  I collected my shirts, creating a nice color palette.

Then, using sharp fabric scissors, I cut the shirts into 1″ ribbons but left them whole, so that I had loops.  Don’t cut up the sides of the shirt, no bueno.

PS: Now is as good a time as any to talk about scissors.  Having a good sharp pair of scissors that you use for fabric is essential.  You should never NEVER cut paper with your fabric scissors, because the fibers in the paper will dull your blades.  If you find that your scissors aren’t cutting as well as they used to be, don’t get new ones, just get them sharpened.  Fabric stores have periodic scissor and knife sharpening events and it’s inexpensive.  My local Joann’s is having one this week, but check with your local craft or sewing supply store to find out when they have these kinds of events.  Or, if you live in/close to a large city, you may have a full-time sharpening shop.  Do some research.  Trust me, it’s easier and cheaper to get your scissors sharpened than to buy new ones.

I made the ribbons into yarn by tugging on them.  When you pull, they’ll curl up on themselves as if by magic.  It’s actually pretty cool….

I gathered them all together and braided them a little.  Because the pieces are loops, and not straight, if you braid it on one side, it braids on the other. Embrace it!  I secured the braids with masking tape until I was ready for them and then hot glued a spare piece of shirt to hold the braids.  Yes hot glue, I already had it out for another project and I didn’t feel like sewing it!  Don’t judge me.  If you’re a purist, you could certainly do a few stitches to secure.  I might even do that at some point in the future.

Et Voila! Scarf, or necklace, or whatever.  All in all, it probably took me about half an hour, and mostly that because I had to figure out the placement of the braids.  I’m psyched for the arrival of cool fall days when I can add this to my accessories wardrobe!

Happy Monday!

[Re]Working It…The Untold Story

Hey kids, Simone here!

Okay, so there are 5 Wednesdays in August, and instead of trying to mess with the system we’ve established, Emily and I decided to give you and unfettered look into the making of the [Re]Working It column.  Now the outfits you see are the result of careful and extreme planning, and quite a bit of work, and they all happen at the same time.  Emily and I get together and discuss, style, and photograph the whole month in one afternoon (or in August’s case, the middle of the night).  So we thought we would give you an inside look.  Hope you enjoy!

We always start out really excited!!!!!!

but it doesn’t always last….

First we gather the clothes…

Then I make a fancy schmancy spread sheet!

Then we start photographing the outfits.  Sometimes, Emily tries to fly away….

Other times, she loses her cool…

And other times, she gets stuck…

Sometimes I get bored waiting for her to change, and I start taking random photos….

My foot! Plus a totally awesome pillow I made for her….

So pretty!

So that’s a peek inside the illustrious (and often chaotic) world of [Re]Working It!

BTW – We have a crafting day planned this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some all new projects to show you next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

[Re]Working It…Day 55

This is the last Wednesday of the month. Wait. Huh?

One more month until I’m back in the glorious state of Pennsylvania! Whats better? I will soon be placed in front of 20+ 10-11 year olds. How crazy is that?! EEEP! I’m excited!

I’m also excited for the last installment of this month’s Re-Work. We had an extra challenge of coming up with ELEVEN outfits instead of ten. Yes, yes, that’s only one outfit more. Ya know what? That extra outfit makes a big difference when you’ve already changed thirty times already! Holy Cow! But, all well worth it of course!

A word of warning: I apologize for some of my poses and facial expressions. However, I do hope that they bring as much of a smile to your face as they have to mine.

Outfit #1: A great option for a more dressy occasion, without looking too done up! It will also keep you cooler as everything is a nice lightweight cotton. Success! As it is supposed to be 99 degrees here Thursday. Boo, whore.

Outfit #2: I’m sure you can tell, this is simply a wrap dress with our black top over it, making it an adorable skirt choice! Throw on nude heels a long layered necklace and be ready for a day at work, this outfit takes about seven minutes—worst-case scenario. Which is great for non-morning person people, like myself.

Outfit #3: This is a great outfit for a weekend of sightseeing. You will be able to work on your tan, while checking out some of the sights wherever you are. Don’t forget your SPF!

Outfit #4: Pardon my curtsy, its really not good to stretch fabrics like that! I do love this super comfortable dress. It doesn’t get any better than this. Super soft, super comfortable, super versatile. My favorite part? Yep! You guessed it! The camel colored belt that is placed at my natural waist (or yours) to make me look my leanest!

Outfit #5: God love the printed dress, throw on our essential yellow sweater and add a black belt and wedges for an extremely polished and put together outfit. The colors are great together. Its not necessary to “match” your outfit just needs to look put together, and “flow”.

Outfit #6: I love this shirt, as you know. Paired with a pair of jeans and peep toed flats I think this is a great outfit for a barbecue or a weekend in the mountains. Something comfortable and casual.

Outfit #7: And as if outfit #6 wasn’t good enough! Add a black tee over the red blouse and add a little pizzazz to the outfit! This does make the outfit seem a bit more formal because the red acts as a collar, making the outfit casual Friday at work appropriate!

Outfit #8: This was one of the “please forgive the pose” pictures. It’s probably self explanatory that this is our polo dress with the white tee-shirt over it. This adds dimension to the outfit. Making it perfect for practically anything!

Outfit #9: Simple, but classic. This black tee with taupe pants and leopard shoes is so comfortable yet so Jackie-O! Perfect for work, church, or weekend wear! Here’s a hint: if you’re nervous about mixing brown and black at the same time pair the two with leopard. Both hues pull from leopard which means you are of course “matching” both colors to something and you will feel more put together. It’s a great way to branch in to combining neutrals.

Outfit #10: Even though I don’t look excited about this outfit, I am. Promise! This is a great outfit for a cookout, beach bonfire, running errands. Anything casual! This shirt could be worn in or out of the shorts. Shoes and accessories are what will make this outfit. I have on nude flip-flops and statement earrings to create the message, that although my outfit is simple I still put thought into it!

Outfit #11: Again, super classic! It can look boring, Simone and I decided I could look like a librarian in this outfit. But what librarian wears super cute wedges and silver hoops. The key is to accessorize this outfit and because its such a classic outfit you can go with metal, color, anything really. Use your imagination! Make it yours!

Wow. 31 outfits, we did it, didn’t we? That’s an AWESOME feeling. One more month…that’s a little saddening. Hmph. Well we have five more weeks before we have to dwell on that! (That’s right five, August is quite the rebel with an extra week!)

Until next Wednesday!

[Re]Working It…Day 48

So, I have a confession to make. Promise you won’t judge me, k?

As you know I can’t buy any clothing for the summer. (Although, I am over half way through SAY WHAAA–WOOO HOO!) To cope with this I have started going shopping, with friends, without a wallet (let’s be clear, I’m NOT stealing). I am now the style guru, giving fashion advice and encouraging my friends to buy new dresses, skirts and adorable tops during this super-hot, but ever inspiring realm of summer fashions. AKA Living vicariously through everyone else’s closet!

One friend in particular, my dear friend Heather and I, work together. Our office building is a sky rise built over a Target. Can we talk about how dangerous this is?! So this is my apology and thank you to Heather, and all my other friends. Thank you for helping me cope, and aiding in breaking the cycle of a chronic shopaholic. And in turn, I apologize for encouraging your spending habits (although you look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE). Also, apologize to Tom (everyone Tom is Heather’s goofball of a husband) for me, and thank him for not banning you from seeing me, as he knows the trouble we get in to between Target and that ever shiny, faded black strip Target RedCard. Love you!

So, continuing on…We are officially halfway through this challenge. Downward slope WOOHOO! I have to be honest, I love my hair in these pictures, I was very fortunate we caught it on such a good day! I ❤ good hair days!

Outfit 1–I love this outfit for shopping, lunch, work, BBQ, you name it I feel like it can work! This is simply a white shirt, denim skirt and black peep toed wedges. You could choose to tuck this shirt in; I chose to keep it out for a more casual look! I added a gold pendant necklace to focus the eye. This outfit took about five minutes. SCORE!

Outfit 2–The more I see this top, the more I love it! This is a great work outfit, the taupe pants paired with a playful top such as this provides a great balance to this structured bottoms. As I look at this outfit I think I would really like to try this blouse tucked in. No need to add a necklace here! As there is plenty going on with the ruffles, I added tear drop earrings and called it a day!

Outfit 3–This outfit is quite the illusion if you ask me! I simply paired the blue print dress with a black, puffed sleeve blouse, so it makes it look like a tulip skirt. I’ll take it! Paired with black flats and a long silver link necklace, this look is perfect for brunch or work or even Sunday church.

Outfit 4–This is probably one of my favorites, because of my love for the teal and camel combo! This is a very relaxed outfit, great for entertaining friends on a casual night or even a date night. The beauty of the belt is that it draws the eye to the narrowest part of you! Remember, if you’re not sure where to find that, grab a mirror and start belting out “I’m a Little Teapot”!

Outfit 5–Probably my favorite outfit for this go-round! And you can’t even see why! Darn It! This is simply a black tee and wine colored shorts with a pair of black peep toed flats. I love this outfit because its simple and yet adorable but also because there is a polka dotted belt that you can’t see, but I know is there. This shirt is actually tucked in and for the first time in a LONG time, I’ve been able to wear it this way. Making me look super slender, fooled ya, didn’t I? 😉

Outfit 6–Nothing too out of the ordinary here, simply a wrap dress and nude heels. An outfit that takes under thirty seconds but will impress for days!

Outfit 7–This outfit is also really simple, taking mere moments to coordinate, but can be instantly office appropriate with the right shoe. I chose wedges to go along with the summer vibe however you could play this with heels or even boots in the WINTER time.

Outfit 8–Whether you’re running errands or going to a cookout or bonfire this outfit will keep you comfy and cool while still looking adorable! I added nude flip flops so I didn’t take away from the pretty flowers on the top! You could add a different colored tank under the outfit if you wanted to spice it up some!

Outfit 9–I can’t think of anywhere you wouldn’t want to wear this outfit! It is absolutely perfect for every activity. Its comfy, cute, roomy and can we sophisticated enough to wear to work, however I don’t suggest flip flops if you’re going to wear it there! Big key here, you need to have color somewhere! I chose the sweater, because I feel like everyone has cotton slacks and a white shirt. Make sure to jazz it up somewhere!

Outfit 10–I know, I know, there’s a lot of pinkish, purple-ish, merriment going on here. So we broke it up with navy (a neutral–LOVE neutrals) and I have to say this looks pretty darn cute!!! Of course, nude footwear is key here, no more color necessary!

So that’s it for this week. I really am starting to love the looks more and more as they go on. I’ll be honest though, and again, no judging. I’m already excited for fall and planning out my September 1st. I see dresses and tights in my Autumn Future. This is me, PUMPED!

Until next week!

[Re]Working It…Day 41

Happy Wednesday!

We are now on the downward slope of the work week (thank Heavens!) As I was saying last week, I am in love with this month’s pieces and the outfits that were born from them!

Outfit 1: I love this outfit, it reminds me of something in a Ralph Lauren catalog (Classic, right?!) I decided to tuck in the shirt because of the button embellishments on the front of the denim skirt. Flip flops make this outfit great for a backyard barbecue; you could totally add nude heels instead for a perfect casual Friday outfit!

Outfit 2: Everyone, calm down! I know you’re thinking stripes and spots, heavens no! But really, how cute is this! The belt helps the eye focus on the waist, embracing (or for our more slender girls, creating) an hour-glass figure.

Outfit 3: I love the color combo in this outfit. It seems a little far-fetched but I think its super vibrant. You can see there is a white shirt under the sweater. However, this outfit does not require it; I just needed to make sure the girls weren’t playing peek-a-boo.

Outfit 4: This outfit is very direct, the blue printed dress with an adorable black and white necklace. I love dresses like this because the tie waist allows you to place the waist where you’re narrowest part lies. This is a great outfit for weekend wear or work wear. Who doesn’t love multifunction?!

Outfit 5: This is a great work outfit, and super comfortable too. We took the black t-shirt and layered it over the ruffled blouse paired with taupe pants and it is super classic! This picture shows black heels however, leopard print flats would also be adorable–great for our walking commuters.

Outfit 6: It doesn’t get any easier than that! Black tee and jeans is great for errands, a Saturday night get together with friends or chilling at home. I paired this outfit with my Coach shoes because of how comfortable they are!

Outfit 7: As you can clearly see this month, ruffles were my fave. 🙂 The ruffles add a little something extra, bringing the view to your chest and away from any less-than-flattering parts.

Outfit 8: This outfit incorporates our jean skirt and our blue tank top. To ensure that there was not too much blue in the outfit, we broke it up with a soft pink tank underneath to add some color. We chose flip flops but you could also decide on wedges instead, depending on the event that you will be sporting this to!

Outfit 9: This was probably our farthest fetch outfit but how cute did it turn out, right?! This belt again, allows the wearer to embrace their narrowest part. the ruffles also end at the perfect place to add to the focal point. Nude heels were my shoe of choice, not to overload the outfit on color.

Outfit 10: This outfit layers the black tee over the green polo dress. creating a super cute skirt outfit! I added wedges, this is a great brunch outfit or even casual Friday.

We just finished the first week of month two. Wowzers!

As always send us pictures of what you think/create!

Happy Almost-End-of-the-Week!

[Re]Working It…Day 35

Happy [belated] Independence Day, Bleaders!

I hope you were able to stay somewhat cool throughout the holiday!

Can you believe we are on month TWO of the challenge?! *Gasp* I have ten new pieces for 31 new outfits, and I love this month even more than last month, if that is even possible! This month I opted for things to keep us cool, dresses, skirts and shorts. I dedicate this inspiration to the horrendous heat wave that we are experiencing currently. Dear Lord, whenever you are ready to send this heat on its way, feel free…

So before I break a sweat just sitting here typing, (Don’t laugh…it’s possible. It is THAT hot.) here are my ten pieces for the month:

Let’s talk about staples:

Yes, I love these colored shorts because they are super fun and yet still saturated enough that they can be paired with LOTS of different things.   But they are hardly “staples” – things that make a wardrobe.  This month I’ve included tons of staples, though.  If you don’t own a denim skirt, taupe pants, or a wrap dress, get them!  These pieces go from work to casual in 60 seconds or less.

Once you have staples, you can add in fun or trendy pieces.  Polo dresses are my fave right now. I think they are adorable belted but are also great by themselves. I love the color of the blue and black dress; it is super flowy and cool, and this dress allows you to find your own natural waist with the free tie/belt. Find your narrowest part and cinch, baby cinch!  Rounding out the month are the ruffle top (dramatic, yet light and comfortable), a floral tank top (simple is key!), a black tee (puffed sleeves!), and a summer sweater (with adorable ruffle trim).

So there are our ten! I look forward to showing you all that I have done with these pieces and [hopefully] inspiring you to try them from pieces in your own closet!

Happy Styling!

[Re]Working It…Day 27

I would first like you to know that my sanctuary is amazing. I feel wonderful and relaxed in it. As I type this, I am basking in its serenity and calmness.  Ahhhhhhh……

Can you believe we are at the end of June?! I cannot believe this at all, we have already gone through twenty of thirty outfits. Say whaaaaaaaaaaa! That also means I have survived one WHOLE month without new shoes, clothes or accessories.

This is honestly a really empowering feeling. Not to mention, I have a lot of cute clothes and it’s really cool rediscovering them!

Ok, enough dilly-dallying! Let’s hop in to this week’s outfits!

Outfit #1: This took about ten minutes to put together. That’s right, TEN! That means you can sleep a little extra this morning. When we accessorized this outfit we opted for tear drop earrings instead of a long necklace, which made the outfit seem a little hippy-esque. We polished off the outfit with silver sandals.

Outfit #2: This outfit takes a bunch of ordinary pieces and jazzes them up with a yellow sweater and a turquoise necklace. Complete with nude heels to make my legs look miles long. We decided to add silver hoops so the outfit still seems fun!

Outfit #3: This was a favorite outfit of mine. I will offer caution, it can be a little frustrating at first trying to get the tops lined up but that is the most “hassle” involved with this outfit. This is a preppy look, great for a day at the country club or sightseeing! We added pearl earrings to add to the prep, but you could also choose silver jewelry to break up the Ralph Lauren appeal of this ensemble.

Outfit #4: This may be my ultimate—mostly because I am guilty of loving the white tee and jeans ensemble, pretty much year round, I know, I know it’s a problem. The sweater is, as always, optional. As we get further into the summer months you’ll probably need this less and less. However this outfit, paired with boat shoes is great for a mountain weekend or late night campfire. Because of how relaxed this outfit it is we decided to accessorize with only a necklace.

Outfit #5: This look plays a lot with color! The yellow sweater with the turquoise (as you can tell one of my favorite color combos) makes this outfit sweet and sassy without letting the grey shirt dress (which can sometimes come off as a little drab) do all the talking! Perfect for a work day, sophisticated enough for a business lunch or presentation day.

Outfit #6: This is a great, casual outfit for a day of errands, or hanging out at home with friends or even by the pool.  The texture is added with the jewelry, pink and black necklaces, with beads of different shapes and sizes. Against the grey pattern gives the eye something to look at!

Outfit #7: This outfit is very simple and would be a great outfit for any cocktail function you may need to attend over the summer, this is also a great church or work outfit, the versatility of this dress is amazing! We don’t need to accessorize this dress very much because of how much pizzazz the ruffles add!

Outfit #8: This outfit uses a lot of our pieces and makes for a darling outfit great for any casual summer day! We layered the green shirt under the grey and white printed shirt to add an extra pop! Cuffed the jeans for a crop pant/Capri look and added the world’s most comfortable wedges for an uber casual and comfortable outfit!

Outfit #9: This is a great casual Friday outfit that can easily transition into after-work happy hour with your fellow co-workers! We paired our tunic with our crop pants and added a sweater for those chilly days in the office. There is a lot (not too much, just enough) going on in this outfit with the color and pattern of the clothing so we opted for no jewelry in this outfit, as there is more than enough to keep the eye occupied!

Outfit #10: Our last look for the month of June. I can’t believe it! Can you believe it!? This is a great example of mixing patterns. As I have said before pinstripe is pretty much always a neutral so adding a print like the one seen here, is more than acceptable. Its encouraged! We opted for a very simple yet eye catching pattern that compliments it perfectly. However, this would be a very monochromatic outfit if it wasn’t for the pop of color added in with the turquoise necklace.

Wowza! Ten Pieces! Thirty Outfits! We did it! I hope you guys are having as much fun with this as I am! As always let us know how we’re inspiring you through comments and photos!