Pomp and Circumstance | Gifts for Grads

A couple of my favorite people just graduated from high school and I’m attending their graduation party on Saturday. Graduation season can be all kinds of stressful. Nevermind that the graduate is starting a new chapter of their lives, or that mom and/or dad are going to have to say goodbye (or get out!) to their little slugger, I’m stressed about finding the perfect graduation gift. Something that says “Congratulations! Welcome to the real world! It sucks, you’re gonna love it!”

To that end, I’ve compiled a few ideas for the recent grad in your life:

1. Beats by Dre Executive Over-The-Ear Headphones ($149.99 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond)

These are great for “studying” in a loud dorm or quiet library, or just watching movies on the laptop while the roommate is sleeping. The over-the-ear feature is comfortable and doesn’t cause those weird inner ear calluses that earbuds sometimes do.

2. American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Pc Nested Luggage Set ($89.99 from Ebags.com)

For my high school graduation *cough* nine years ago *cough*, my uncle gifted me with a 4 piece luggage set. I didn’t really think I’d ever use it, but it has seen a lot wear. From flights home for short breaks, to moving 5 times in 4 years, I love my luggage. I would include at least a large rolling suitcase and a carry-on size rolling bag. I rarely, if ever, use the two smallest bags in the set. A bright or unusual color makes the baggage claim carousel hassle free.

3. Canvas Mesh Laundry Bag ($12.59 from dormco.com)

My freshman year, I had a couple of adorable (and cheap) laundry bags. By the end of the year, the straps were broken and there were holes in the bags. Delightful. Give your grad a fighting chance with this incredibly strong bag. It isn’t that pretty, but honestly, neither are their dirty clothes.

4. Keuric Mini Plus Brewing System ($55.00 from True Kitchen)

While space may be at a premium in the graduate’s dorm, first apartment, or basement room, the need for caffeine won’t be. This single serve coffee maker isn’t a fancy as some others, but it’s small footprint and idiot-proof usage means that your grad will be able to get hyped up for that 8 am class or early morning work shift.

5. $$$$$…duh.

Whether you prefer gift cards to ensure that your graduate has at least some groceries, or writing a check, money is always appreciated. You can even get creative and sponsor a semester of books, season football tickets, or a portion of tuition. For the non-college directed (no judgement, it isn’t for everyone), consider covering a car insurance payment or the security deposit on an apartment. Now the fledgling adult has one fewer thing to worry about.

Happy Graduation to the Class of 2015!



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