day 24 | On being young

There’s been a thing on my heart – so here it is.

Being a twenty-something is absurdly transitional. Some days I feel like I’m waiting for my real life to start. I’m stuck in this place where I can actually remember when the class of 2015 was born and I’m going a bit gray, but I haven’t really started my career and my mom does my taxes.

In fairness, my mom is a CPA and does a lot of people’s taxes, but that’s not the point.

I’m a Millennial, which carries a stigma of entitlement, laziness, and self-involved idiocy; a society in which everyone gets a trophy for participation and no one understands how the world works. I don’t feel like that describes me, but maybe that’s just my entitled, lazy, self-involved idiocy showing. The cultural attitude results in animosity toward a generation simply because they are young. The enmity ranges from mild disappointment to overt antagonism..

I find this phenomenon most disheartening within the church. The fire of young Christians gets snuffed out by those who provide judgement, instead of wisdom and teaching. Revolutionaries are broken down by the weight of tradition and sameness. As it has always been, newness breeds fear and that fear leads to the dismissal of new ideas.

What happens to societies that refuse to embrace new ideas? They die.

In the case of the church, hostility toward millennials doesn’t just dry up a source of life within the body, it alienates an entire generation. In a world already dominated by secularism and relativistic morality, is it really good idea to cast off the young, because of their age? A generation facing a society of warfare, a terrifying economy, and a government we no longer trust, is searching for something real and good. A place to belong.

I am not a member of a perfect generation. I do not have all the answers. I don’t even know most of the questions. But I won’t be told that my opinion lacks value because I haven’t put in the time.


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