day 20 | A look back

I started The adventures of EveryGirl four years ago. The first original post went live on June 29, 2011. It was a review of the film Stranger than Fiction, which is still one of my favorites. Seven people viewed the post. I’m pretty sure that at least 3 of them were me.

200 posts later, here I am. The site has received over 9,000 views and over 130 comments.

I’ve used this blog to share my highs and lows with you. You’ve read along with me through triumph and through heartbreak. You’ve walked with me through the happiest and saddest times of my life and your words of support have been unbelievably gracious. There are those that have been with me from the beginning and those for whom Project27 is the first glimpse into my particular brand of crazy.

By the by – for those of you who’ve just joined us, once Project27 is over, you should for sure not expect me to post every day. You’ve been warned.

Why the nostalgia? I always get this way as my birthday approaches. I think birthdays are an opportunity to make peace with the past and embrace a new year, full of hope and possibilities.

And oh, the journey I’ve traveled. Please forgive the crappy photography. In June of 2012, I decided that I absolutely had to make meringues the same weekend I was applying to grad school. The were weird, but delicious. Like really sweet Styrofoam.

That same month, fueled by bloggy adrenaline and self delusion, I tried my hand at homemade caramels. They. were. AWESOME. Little did I know that two years later, I’d make hundreds of the tiny confections for the wedding of two of my favorite people on Earth.

For my 25th birthday in 2013, I wrote a list (please, try to hold back your surprise) about 25 things I’d learned in my first 25 years. When I reread the list now, I think that maybe 25 year old Simone knew way more than almost 27 year old Simone does. Which is troubling for a lot of reasons.

Then, I didn’t blog for almost a year. Talk about killing your momentum.

In February of 2014, I went on a disastrous first date that was so laughably bad, I couldn’t resist telling you about it.

Oh, the horror.

You were there with me through September when my world fell apart. Through November when I fell in love and in March when my heart broke again.

They’ve been the best times and the worst times and you’ve stayed for all of it. There’s really just one thing left to say.

Here’s to 200 more!

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