day 19 | Guest Blogger: Untidy Grace

hello peeps! 🙂

you may or may not know me / follow my blog, untidy grace!
this is me:

I am a BIG fan of black nail polish, writing about things, slow mornings full of sweet tea and creativity, AND sweet simone’s blog (as are you, I see!), so when she asked me to write a spring-themed guest post for her wonderful 27-day-blogathon, I was off-the-walls, squeal-really-loud excited!

I thought for quite a while about what I ought to write.
and after seeing the countless “I can’t wait for summer ahhhh” facebook posts and flood of beachy pins on my pinterest feed, realized that spring is a truly under-appreciated season.
we spend all winter longing for some fresh spring air, and as soon as it comes, we’re totally over it and practically sobbing for sand and sun tans.

spring is like summer’s ultra-organized, annoyingly perfect big sister- famous for cleaning and losing an hour of precious sleep (blurg), while summer is all about having fun and staying up late!

poor spring always gets skipped in our brains 😦

if you’re one of the aforementioned spring-skippers… this post is for YOU!
(it’s okay, you’re not in trouble)

before we’re out with may, here are some wonderful and fun ways to enjoy SPRING 🙂
spring bucket list, if you will.
naturally, I am including 27 things, in honor of this 27-day blogathon!

1. host a spring-themed dinner party!

2. visit a farmers’ market
maybe purchase some ingredients for that dinner party of yours? 😉

3. go mini-golfing
grab some friends and hit the course! 🙂 make it even more fun – winner buys everyone ice cream!

4. wash your car
get all that winter salt off and make your vehicle shiny and bright! plus, enjoy that fresh air.

5. go to a baseball game
america’s game, right? I’m not much for sports, but once a year, in the springtime, it’s so much fun to get caught up in nostalgia and head out to the ballpark.

6. try something you’ve been wanting to
whether it’s a craft, sport, or anything at all, grow and better yourself… and have fun doing it!

7. DIY some plant pots
I made some nerdy ones for my super-cute succulents, and you can read all about it here!

8. try yoga
it’s great for your health… and more challenging than you’d think! 😉

9. go hiking
look up a local trail, and make a day of it! even pack a lunch aaaand….

10. have a picnic
it’s cliche for a reason!

11. buy a new color of nail polish
and paint your nails fresh and pretty for spring!!

12. see a cheap outdoor concert
get dressed up like a total hippie and just go for it (heehee!)

13. turn clouds into shapes
give yourself a break– relax and unwind with this classic childhood pastime.

14. take a photography class
spring is full of perfect subjects for your camera! learn a new art form, and take advantage of everything green popping up all over the place!

15. catch lightning bugs
and put them in a jar. because, duh.

16. make strawberry shortcake
all the yummy noms.

17. send someone a care package
I mapped the anatomy of the perfect one here.

18. sweet potato fries
that is all.

19. create a happy music playlist.
for those april showers, you know.

20. decorate a neighbor’s driveway with sidewalk chalk
because you’re a nice person who does nice things. also you’re five 😉

21. make s’mores
I’ve put a lot of food on this list….

22. try a new hairstyle or makeup trick
you never know… you just might discover a new favorite or go-to look!

23. participate in a super fun 5k
the color run (where you get covered in large amounts of colorful dust), the glow run (in which you run at night through colorfully lit areas and sport glow sticks as part of your ensemble), and the glitter tour (the color run. but with glitter) are all basically the most fun thing ever and even non-runners (me! me!) love ’em!

24. pick strawberries
and eat half of them on the way home 🙂

25. road trip with friends
even if it’s just a saturday trip to a fun spot a few hours away!

26. wear a dress just for fun
because now your legs won’t freeze, and you can feel girly and happy.

27. keep tuning in to keep up with lovely simone and yours truly as we make our way (let’s hope gracefully) through the end of springtime!! 🙂

Chime in!

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