day 18 | Monday Musings | of the boss lady, and doing what the kids do…

1) In one of my many jobs, I work for my dear and sweet friend Kristi who is, in addition to being an awesome mom and volunteer of the year at her daughter’s elementary school, a therapist. Today, I was sitting in the office, tap tap tapping away at the keyboard as a waded through the stack of files in my inbox (I love having an inbox, btw) when this conversation happened:

Kristi: You seem quiet, today.
Me: Yeah.
Kristi: What’s going on?
Me: *chuckle* I’m kind of falling apart.
Kristi: Okay, seriously, what’s going on?
Me: *spontaneous sobbing*

Oh, friends, it wasn’t pretty. Snot oozed from my nose as a torrential downpour fell from my eyes. Not my finest hour. To my relief, and Kristi’s credit, she didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Why am I telling you this? Maybe you feel like you’re the only one barely holding it together. Maybe, like me, you’re frustrated with yourself because you seem to be the only person in your life having a hard time. You aren’t.

Maybe, you have no idea what I’m talking about. I guess, at the very least, when something ridiculous happens, you can remind yourself that it could be worse – you could start sobbing on construction invoices.

2) I’ve resisted Instagram for a reason that makes me feel silly and more than a little old: I didn’t know how to use it. I still don’t really know how to use it, but I’ve started, so hopefully, it’ll get easier.

If you’d like, you can follow theadventuresofeverygirl and stay updated on my goings on. You can also reach out on Facebook and connect with The Adventures of EveryGirl. I hope you’re tuning in on Wednesday, because I’m working hard to prepare my first contest giveaway ever!!!!


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