day 17 | Run like you mean it!

I run. I do not like to run, but I do it, because someone, somewhere convinced me that it was good for you. There are different types of runners: sprinters, weekend joggers, marathon runners. Then there’s me:

Slow and reluctant.

I start with the best of intentions. I think – I’m going to go running! This is a great plan! – and get all dressed and ready to go. 200-300 yards into my efforts, I start thinking – Why am I running? This was a terrible plan! – and it goes down hill from there. But I survive, so I tell myself that I’m going to start doing this every day. Eventually, I won’t hate it so much.

The next day, I wake up and EVERYTHING HURTS. I tell myself that I’ll run every other day, to allow for recovery. I congratulate myself on my healthy intentions. Time passes, I keep telling myself that I’ll get back to it, but honestly, I’m lucky if I run a couple of times per week. Meh, c’est la vie.

One thing that helps (a little) is having a killer playlist to help me think a little less about how much I’d rather be doing almost anything else.

American Authors – Best Day of My Life (3:40)
Pompeii – Bastille (3:35)
Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song (3:20)
Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get Over You (4:17)
Ke$ha – Die Young (3:32)
American Authors – Believer (3:05)
Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (3:34)
Andy Grammer – Honey, I’m Good (3:19)
Total Time: 28:22

Bonus: Seriously, go watch the Andy Grammer video. Fan submissions, old people. Adorable.

Look, I can’t make running suck less, but sometimes, a little pick me up is what I need to keep going. Plus, I can trick myself by saying things like – Oooh, Ke$ha means I’m halfway done! Because I always pronounce the $.

Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “day 17 | Run like you mean it!

  1. 1) yay playlists. I’m on a “song list search” myself lately.
    2) If you haven’t tried C25K or another “running program” – do it. It really can make running not-suck. And when running doesn’t suck, you actually WANT to run. It’s weird. I was 100% in the “I don’t run camp” for a LONG time. and then in the “I should run” camp. And then “I’m learning to run… kind of” and it wasn’t until I found my Stroller Warriors (if you haven’t heard of them, google it ;-P) that I fell in love. And while I still don’t believe it some days, I’m totally a “runner” now.
    3) I just REVOLUTIONIZED my running by “helping” some ladies finish their first 5K. It required me to go from my typical attempt of keeping a 10-11min mile for 3 miles (and dying) to keeping in pace with them without walking (when they were at some points), and slowing down to around 14 minutes/mile. Needless to say I realized I was pushing myself too hard! I learned that 12 minutes/mile is my “go forever pace” (currently) and I completed a 10K with not nearly the correct training YESTERDAY, and honestly… I could have gone further. I ended up running for an hour and 15 minutes (I did walk for a block) which is fully 30 minutes longer than I had *ever* run before, and it was 2.1 miles FURTHER than I’d ever run before. Granted, it was a “race” and I had a wonderful lady keep pace with me. Running buddies help like WOAH. And doing a ‘race’ is very different than standard workout.
    4) I just said more in my comment than I think I ever have before, but I think I’m *still* on a high from yesterday’s run 😉 If it weren’t so damn hot out right now, I’d be throwing the kids in a stroller to go for a little “clear my head jog” but I live in the desert.
    5) If you’re too lazy (like me) to make your own mix, or need a new one, etc… RockMyRun is a great app (and free!) where you download playlists to your phone to play, or stream them if you have enough coverage available.
    6) RunKeeper is my fav running app. You get rewarded for EVERYTHING, it meshes with MyFitnessPal, it tracks your pace/distance/etc, and has a bunch of free training plans to get you further/faster/etc.
    7) Good job on the running!! 3-4 days a week is PLENTY by the way. You *should* run every other day until your body starts craving the every-day deals… and then you should probably do 2 in a row, rest, 2 in a row, rest, etc. And even when you get major crazy like some of my friends here… you still need a rest day every week. 😉

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