day 15 | Favorite Things Friday: Education Edition

Oh, interwebs. How I love thee.

There are literally thousands of teacher resources on the internet, and as I look forward to starting my teaching career, I’ve been stockpiling (hoarding) good advice, lesson plan ideas, and classroom organization tips. Enabled by Pinterest, I’ve kept a running log of all things teacher-y.

Here’s what I’m obsessed with:

1) This ShutUP cute tee-shirt from Tee Spring.

2) This list of classroom jobs for middle and high schoolers from Mathchips. Because line leader just doesn’t cut it anymore…

3) This killer rock cycle lesson plan and comic strip project from TPerruna32. Because rocks are boring, and there’s no getting around it. Comic strips make them a little less boring.

4) Originally conceived by Dutch artist Wendy Plomp as an art installation, I’m totally stealing this idea to create a paper cave in my classroom. Totes legit

5) School Psychologist Files is an awesome resource for dealing with all kinds of disabilities. The site includes intervention ideas for students with special needs for teachers and parents and is a great way to learn more about the individual disabilities.


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