day 9 – They can’t all be gems…

Mothers give advice. This is among the facts of life. Some is really good stuff that stays with you until the end of time, and some of it is just nonsense. Unfortunately, time is often the only way to tell which was which.

In the name of good fun (and because I know my mom has a sense of humor) I’d like to chronicle some of her worst advice.

coke“Just ignore him, and he’ll go away.”

I love my brother, but he has a unique skill set that includes picking on his little sister until she cries. Growing up, my mom assured me that if I could just ignore him long enough, he would get tired of picking on me and move on to other activities.

It’s been 27 years. So far, no dice.

“A perm would be so cute on you!”

It wasn’t.

“Don’t act like yourself until the 5th date.”

This one comes from a friend of mine. Her mom’s advice was a little easier to identify as less than prudent. Apparently, bait and switch applies to relationships, too.

It’s not like mom’s have the market cornered on bad advice, though. Facebook friend Kathy shared this:

“A college counselor advised me to select a broad course of study… so I know little or nothing about everything!”

What’s the worst advice anyone ever gave you?

Chime in!

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