day 8 – Favorite Things Friday…

The internet is a vast and wondrous place where anything is possible. Need a recipe for baklava? Ask the internet. Want to know who guest starred on your favorite show? Ask the internet. Intent on tracking down a specific brand of Polish porcelain-ware? Ask the internet.

Some of my favorite internet-y things are those I happen upon organically, especially when I get full on fangirl about them and insist on showing everyone I know.

Here’s what I’m obsessed with in the internet right now:

1. This ridiculous cutie, the Original Beast Pillow, handmade by Debi Vanzyl.


2. Anxiety Cat, who feels my pain.

3. Watercolorist Yao Cheng, who makes me green with envy at her talent, but whose work fills my soul with peace.


4. Clip Boards as wall decoration. (Free Printable from Craft-o-matic!)

5. Clients from Hell – a hilarious outlet for anyone who has ever freelanced, or worked in design.

What has caught your eye on the interwebs? Share below!

Chime in!

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