day 7: It’s a cat’s life…

A day in the life of Stuart the Cat.

The weather is getting nicer, so I absolutely need to be outside at night. I must protect my kingdom from predators. A variety of mice and moles threaten the borders, but I quickly dispense with them. The fiercest of warriors, I often bring Mommy gifts so that she can see my conquests and to assure her that she is safe. Between you and me, I don’t think Mommy is a very good hunter. She’s killed a few bugs and spiders, but she usually just squishes them and I’ve never seen her eat them, which is just wasteful.


Grandma let me in for food time. Mommy was supposed to be asleep so I could walk on her face, but she was already up. They were both up. What fresh hell is this?! She needs me to lay between her and the edge of the bed! To let her know that I was unhappy with the situation, I stood in the hall and expressed my displeasure, loudly.

She kept asking me what was wrong. If she would just listen she would know. Sometimes, I think Mommy is a bit stupid.

Eventually, I gave up on trying to explain. Off to breakfast. My water bowl is fine, but I don’t know how they expect me to drink it when the water doesn’t move. I have to dip my paws in the water to get it moving before I’ll drink it. It’s imperative to immediately climb on Mommy with my wet paws.

20141004_215931Mommy has a thin, flat box of warm. Sometimes it lights up and makes clicking noises as she taps her fingers on it. Other times it just sits on her bed or the floor. These are my favorite times, because the box of warm is unattended and I’m free to curl up on it.

Recently, I’ve started laying on the floor just outside of her room instead of on the bed. She can see me, but I know that she knows that I’m not playing her game.

Sometimes, Mommy tries to take pictures of me. I take it upon myself to be as cute as possible while this is happening.


At least until I get tired of her antics.



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