day 3 – Summer Skin

I was supposed to guest speak at an event on Friday night. I was going to talk about transitioning your look from winter into spring and summer. Unfortunately the event was cancelled, but I’m still going to share my awesome tips and tricks with you. Because I love you.

MK Lady

1. Treat Your Skin!

No matter what how much make up you use, great skin starts with great skin care. Evaluate the skin care you’ve been using.

  • Is my skin care appropriate for my age?
    Skin at 40 isn’t the same as skin at 20. The oil fighting/acne treating line you were using in your late teens doesn’t fight the signs of aging you may need now. As general guideline, by the early to mid-30s, women should start an age-fighting treatment. There is no need to wait until the signs of aging become noticeable to fight them. Nip it in the bud!
  • Is my skin care appropriate for my lifestyle?
    Skin care is like a budget – it doesn’t work unless you USE it. If you have a 7-step system but only give yourself 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, something has to give. Find a system that fits the way you live, not the way you wish you lived.

Maybe it’s time to try something new. Be sure to use skin care (or cosmetics) with an SPF, to protect your skin from the Sun’s damaging UV rays. Look for something oil-free to keep those pores clear and moisturizing to give you a healthy glow.

A word of caution: keep an eye out for potential allergic reactions. Remember that your skin may have a reaction to a new skin care system, but it might not be an allergy, just an adjustment. If symptoms don’t clear up in a couple weeks, discontinue use.

2. Lighten UP!

We all know that we should be wearing different foundation shades in summer and winter, as skin changes color throughout the year. Since foundation matching is such a pain, try a lighter weight CC or BB cream, or a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation. These products have less coverage, so they are great for those in-between shades, and they provide an extra layer of moisture (and usually SPF!). Apply with your fingers and blend in to clean, moisturized skin for a soft, natural look.

3. Play with color.

Summer is the time to try something new with your colors. No matter your age, job, or station in life, there is always a way to inject some color into your look. Not sure how? Here are some hints!

  • Bold lip

    Bold lip, natural eye. Perfect for beginners and pros alike!

    Choose One Area – Try a bold lip OR a flashy eye and keep the rest of your look fairly natural. By starting small, you don’t end up looking like Bozo the Clown. *shiver*

  • Add Shimmer, Not Sparkle – To avoid channeling your inner middle school girl, try adding a shimmery highlighter to cheekbones, temples, or brow bones. Avoid products with glitter in them.
  • Warm Up Your Cheeks – If you’ve been a traditionally dusty rose or pale pink blush user, opt for something with a little more warmth for summer. Try a coral or peach toned rouge or switch out your blush for a subtle bronzer.

Most of all, have fun!

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