Khloe & Me…

I love coffee, it’s true. It’s really more of a compulsive codependency that actual love, but that’s between me and my therapist.

The result of this infatuation is that I spend a lot of time brewing/buying/fixing coffee in various places. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a Grande Soy Vanilla Latte (lactose intolerance, ugh) as much as the next girl, but at $5.08 a pop, I can’t always justify it. Fortunately, I’m rarely more than a stones throw from a Wawa, and they have AMAZING coffee, for less than half the price. A lot less. More like a quarter.

Fast forward to me standing at the coffee fixing bar at Wawa when a woman looks at me and then does a double-take before staring me down. I assume one of the following things:

  1. This woman recognizes me from somewhere. This would be most inconvenient as I have no clue who she is.
  2. I have something on my face. Always possible. I am the very picture of grace, after all.
  3. She is trying to reconcile my designer bag with my 20-something-ness and Payless shoes. It happens, trust me. Let’s just say I’m a feature at the Kate Spade Outlet store on major holiday weekends. I’m not about full price. 82% off? Yes, please!

I could not have prepared myself for what was about to happen.

Her: Oh! I thought I was standing next to Khloe Kardashian!
Me: Oh! Um…thanks?!
Her: Seriously, I had to do a double take. You’re gorgeous.
Me: *smile* Thanks!

Khloe Kardashian. Whaaaat?

Let me be clear. Khloe is easily my favorite Kardashian. I think she is BEAUTIFUL. I was absolutely floored by this interaction. Floored.

For your comparative pleasure:


That’s me on the left, in case you’re confused.

Now, if you completely ignore Khloe’s Armenian heritage and my whitest-whitey-mcwhitegirl-who-ever-whited, I guess, maaaayyyybe there’s a little bit of similarity. Not exactly double-take worthy, but I get it and I’m super flattered.

At least I’m not still being compared to Gretchen Grundler.


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