Monday Musings: of eyeliner overload and Easter weekend…

1) I’ve talked a little about being a Mary Kay consultant, but I haven’t harped on it, mostly to create boundaries in my life. I’m not really trying to use this platform to promote that business (though if you’re interested, by all means, hit me up *wink wink*)

onewoman-headerRegardless, I have a funny story and I want to tell it, so deal. Mmkay, pumpkins?

My neighbor, Maureen, called me the other day. A call from her isn’t the most unusual thing in the world, but it was a little out of the blue. After some pleasantries, she got down to business.

Maureen: Listen, you, ah, do Mary Kay, right?
Me: um, yeah…?
Maureen: Do you have any eyeliner in Bronze?
Me: …

Now, let me explain. I’ve known Maureen for just about 19 years and I think I’ve seen her wear makeup a grand total of zero times. Not a stitch, let alone a specific color of a specific brand of eyeliner. Turns out, the makeup wasn’t for her, but for her mother who was in a panic because the company decided to discontinue that particular color and she was trying to stockpile a supply before they ran out. Maureen informs me that her mother wants as many of them as she can get.

$300 later, I think she’ll be good for a bit. Sometimes, it pays to pick up the phone.

2) This is Holy Week for those that celebrate such things and Sunday is Easter. I’m not really a Holy Week girl, but Easter is a pretty big deal. I think it’s really interesting that despite the holiday’s religious origin, Easter seems to have gained a fair amount of commercial success, unlike most holidays that the early church repurposed from pagan traditions (Christmas shouldn’t be in December, just saying). What started as a strictly religious and fairly complicated holiday has turned into the unofficial start or spring with its frilly dresses, plastic eggs, and frightening anthropomorphic lagomorphs.

134abcd331ab1f4dc9be107e34e83ddcHave I mentioned that I fear people in animal costumes? No? Well, there you go. And clowns. *Shiver*

I’ve not been shy about my faith in this blog. I’ve not tried to hide my Christianity from you. I’ve neither pretended that being a Christian gives me all the answers or implied that I’m anything other than a thoroughly imperfect person in constant need of the grace of God. I’ve also not shoved Him down your throat. I can’t make you believe in God any more than I can make you believe in sunlight. I think it’s pretty obvious, but if you can’t see it, you’re probably living in the dark. However, in the spirit of the season and with the weight of the immense sacrifice that was made for you and me and everyone else, I would like to personally invite you to step into the light.


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