Not my circus…

Words are a gift. There is beauty in turns of phrase, in the construction of sentences, in the rise and fall of pitch and the specificity of tone. Words can build up or tear down. They are layered with meaning, weighted with subtext. They can be playful in puns, irony, and double entendre, or forceful with interjections and imperative phrases. I love them.

I trade in words. As a blogger, teacher, beauty consultant, words are the tools of my profession(s). Choosing the right words can be the difference between a student with tears of frustration and the sparkle of achievement. In my blogs, it is the crafting of prose that catches and keeps the attention of my readers. My words are for other people and I am ever so aware of their potential to be encouraging or damaging.

So I hide. In order to preserve the well-being of others, I hide my true feelings, my true pain. I fear the impact that my hurt could have on others and I allow myself to be crushed under the weight of that responsibility.

But it isn’t my responsibility. It isn’t my job to take care of everyone except me. With the help of Moriah over at Untidy Grace, I now have a constant admonishment right on my wall. It’s my job to live honestly, which means I have to stop being afraid that the revelation of my true self will result in judgement or rejection.


Moriah’s beautiful prints are available either on black or white cardstock with contrasting ink and measure 12″x 12″. Because they ship rolled, you may need to turn the piece over and weigh it down with a book for a day before displaying. Each piece is hand-lettered and customized with the quote or verse of your choosing. They can be framed, but are just as lovely as a stand alone piece. I used poster tack to hang mine, and the black contrasts beautifully against my yellow walls.

I was so excited with my print came in the mail that I immediately sent Moriah a Facebook message letting her know how beautiful it was. Apparently, she loved it too and almost kept it for herself!

You can find Untidy Grace on Etsy to order your print, a steal at $10, and check out Moriah’s blog!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a free print in exchange for my review of Untidy Grace. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. See the Legal page for more information.


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