Monday Musings: of milestones, sickness, and spring break…

1) I’ve officially fulfilled all my requirements for my teaching internship (what most people call Student Teaching).

Pause for excitement:


Oh, Chandler. But seriously, it has been an INCREDIBLY long road. With the wedding, funeral, boyfriend, breakup, pounds lost, Schoolstudents gained, full-time job, new niece, 37,400 miles driven, and 77 blog posts, there were times I thought I’d never make it, and times I wasn’t sure I was cut out for this job. Looking back, I still don’t understand how I managed to do everything at the same time. I probably didn’t.

Many thanks to everyone who gave advice, extended grace, and listened to me lecture about all things E&S for the last couple years. Special thanks to my mom, who now knows more about space-time and General Relativity than any accountant ought.

2) Thursday was my last class before Spring Break 2015. It was also supposed to be my midterm. Alas, my professor moved the test back by two weeks because of the snow related missed classes. I settled in for my midday break and blogging-palooza, as per usual, when the most curious feeling swept over me. Wave upon wave of nausea accosted my senses as everything I had ever eaten tried to make forced exit at the same time.

Stomach flu: 1, Simone:0

On the bright side, I didn’t make a scene in the middle of the Starbucks, but made it all the way to the restroom. After cancelling my students (which, I dragged myself home, where Stuart and I curled up into the fetal position for a day and a half. One of my greatest television viewing pleasures is the Food Network, but one reference to raw egg or melty cheese and I was done. Ick.

I’m feeling better now, by the way. Looks like it was the cute 24 hour virus that has been circulating the local school system. Adorable.

3) Speaking of Spring Break. This week marks my LAST SPRING BREAK AS A STUDENT. By this time next year, (Lord willing!) I’ll be in a classroom of my own. I’ve been told that the week off is actually much more appreciated from that side of the desk. We’ll see!

I recently had someone try to convince me that teachers don’t work as many hours as 9-5 ers. I thought he was kidding and that this issue had been resolved years ago, but in case you are still living in a state of denial:


Besides, if you think your kid’s teacher doesn’t do any “work” during the break, you’re out of your mind.

One thought on “Monday Musings: of milestones, sickness, and spring break…

  1. Yep… just wait till you spend your entire thanksgiving break proofreading really, really, really, poorly written Science Fair Projects. And sadly, I miss it 🙂


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