Have hot glue, will travel.

I’ve been home for 3 days in a row because of the ridiculous weather we’ve had. We’re two weeks away from the official start of spring and there is 5″ of snow on the ground. Ugh. I’m also holding down the fort for a week while my mom is visiting David & Maggie on the West Coast. So in addition to cabin fever, I’m also an extremely introspective person, alone with her thoughts for a week.

Such potential for bad.

20150306_133152In that spirit, I’ve done my best to stay busy. I have a ton of projects I’ve started, or intended to start, but never got around to finishing. One such project: sorting, purging, and organizing the contents of my closet. With weight loss and finally unpacking from my move (4 years ago *shame*), I have tons of things that no longer fit or are no longer my style. Buh-bye!

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: you hang up all of your clothes in the closet. In defiance, they slide right off the hangers, onto the floor. You then hulk out in frustration and demolish a small village. There are angry villagers and pitchforks involved and your weekend gets way more interesting than you planned.

Solution: hot glue. Seriously.

Simply apply a bead of glue along the top edge of each plastic hanger and it becomes instantly non-slip. Voila!


A couple notes on hot glue:

  1. The name is not a misnomer. This stuff is hot, so this isn’t really a kid-friendly project.
  2. The glue cools really fast, so make sure you get it where you want it, and nowhere else.
  3. This isn’t exactly a permanent solution. If you’re gentle on the hangers, the glue should last indefinitely, but it may eventually get brittle and start to come off.
  4. Allow the glue gun to cool completely before you put it away, being especially careful around the metal tip.
  5. Don’t have a glue gun of your very own? Please don’t spend a fortune on one. I have a mini high temp glue gun (like this one) It cost me about $3, and I’ve had it for almost 10 years. Unless you need an industrial size gun for some reason, this works beautifully.

Once I got into a rhythm, it didn’t even take that long to get all of my hangers done. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

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