Paint me like one of your French girls…

With my truly disastrous love life (oh, by the way, we’re laughing about it now, at least 60% of the time), and my absurd devotion to Stuart, I guess I should be getting ready for a life as a crazy cat lady. Just picture me in rollers and a pink fuzzy bathrobe standing in the doorway of my house yelling at the neighbor kids to stop messing with “my babies”. I’ll give them (the cats, not the neighbor kids) ridiculous names like Sir Fluffinstuff and Senor McCuddles and for Christmas we’ll all wear sweaters and pose for a card.

Guys, you need to find me a man. Now.

Anyway, cats make (almost) everything better, including artistic masterpieces, apparently. Wait, what? That’s right. Fat Cat Art is any entire website dedicated to famous painting that have been augmented with cats.

I am in love.

Consider these two versions of Manet’s The Bar at the Folies-Bergère:

Edouard_Manet,_A_Bar_at_the_Folies-Bergère    manet-a-bar-at-the-folies-bergere-cat-w

Can you even? Bonus points because the cat looks a bit like Stuart. I wonder if he’d pose for me….

Happy Tuesday!


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