My [Fill in the Blank] Life

I know a woman who I can describe in one word: fabulous.  Two words:  deeply fabulous.

Spearls-flower-girls-little-boys-pinteresthe lives a glamorous life full of shiny things and pretty cars and lots of people surrounding her who remind her that she is fabulous.  She makes her living selling the dream of her lifestyle to other people. I’m not hating on her, not at all.  She has worked incredibly hard to become successful enough to achieve and maintain this lifestyle and I would never want to imply that she is anything less than she truly is.  She is amazing, smart, funny (sometimes), beautiful, and kind.  She has been an inspiration to me and to a lot of people and I owe her more than I can say.

I just don’t want her life.

Is that wrong? Should I wish for a life of luxury? I’d like to be comfortable, don’t get me wrong. It would be awesome to get out from under the student loan debt and car payments that are constantly on my mind. It would be super to never wonder if there is going to be too much month and not enough income, to stop doing a mental calculation every time a client cancels. I love my life, but I won’t be upset when this transitional season is over.

Descriptive WordsAnyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of the one word biography. The whole of your existence summarized in one single word. What would your word be? What would the people who know you best say about you?

Would they be drawn to your kindness or generosity, or would they only highlight the negativity you exude? I’ll be honest, I’m almost afraid to know what word people would use to describe me.  I know that I am a trophy of grace, a freely forgiven and redeemed daughter of the Most High God, but is that how I live my life? Do I exude the kind of grace and mercy that was shown to me?

Do you?

Chime in!

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