Do Less, Be More

There is a local Christian radio station that I often listen to in the car.  One of the features of the morning show is that they share what they call “A Positive Thought”. Sometimes it’s scripture, other times a famous quote, or an inspirational saying. Some leaving me laughing at how corny they sound while others speak to my heart.

Several weeks back, there was a positive thought that really hit me hard.  I could only remember parts of it, but Google was kind enough to fill in the rest:

Less is more

Whoa, right?

I seem to have unwittingly entered some kind of contest to be the busiest person ever.  In conversation, I feel the need to emphasize the density of my schedule, as if being a good steward of my time (which I’m not) is be tantamount to laziness. When did our culture become one that refuses to relax and be still?  What brings on the twinge of guilt that reminds us that we should probably be doing something productive right now?

I’d even add one more to the list: own less, have more.  I have so much stuff. This is ever-present in my mind as I’ve taken over a considerable number of the storage shelves in my basement with the things I can’t store in my room. The sheer volume of material intimidates me each time I even consider paring down. I don’t want or need all of this mishegas, but there it sits, mocking me.

So how about it, friend? Has whining or gossip robbed you of your speech? Are you so filled with bitterness and anger that you’ve crowded out love? Are you too busy to get anything done?

Let’s reclaim the good things, together.


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