Monday Musings: of junior engineers, doodles, and new features…

It’s been a little while for one of these, but meh, why not?

1) A has a 3-year-old son, B. On a recent Saturday, the two boys came over to the house, which was my first time meeting the little one. I was all nerves and worry, desperately wanting this small child to like me. From A’s description of him, I was expecting a non-verbal, painfully shy child who wouldn’t leave Daddy’s side.


What I got was one of the coolest little people I’ve ever known. The talking started about 45 seconds after they arrived, and it didn’t stop until they were out the door, nearly 4 hours later. B loves goldfish crackers, his stuffed monkey, and anything mechanical.  He dislikes being upside down and told ‘no’. I’m not kidding at about mechanics, though. Once he found out that I had a furnace, he immediately demanded to see it. It’s remarkably easy to converse with a 3-year-old, as you end up having the same conversation a couple dozen times.  For example, while standing in front of the aforementioned furnace:

B: You turn it on?
Me: We have to wait until the house gets cold.
B: Oh. Then hot air?
Me: That’s right.
B: Goes up?
Me: Yep! The hot air will go up and make the house warm
B: Okay. (slight pause) You turn it on?

It did come on, by the way, at which point the conversation became about how loud it was and wanting me to turn it off.

2) I’ve developed a new habit.  You might even call it a tick. When I get bored or agitated, I doodle. There is a certain catharsis in taking a pen or pencil to paper and turning random lines into some kind of order.

DoodlingIn the spirit of my new-found pleasure, I’ve started working through a book on the topic, Doodling in French: How to Draw with Joie de Vivre by Anna Corba. The charming book not only talks about the soul-quenching sense of joy doodling brings, but a more practical guide to forming the shapes that depict the surrounding world. So far I’ve been copying the sketches in her book, familiarizing myself with scale and proportion, while building up confidence and hand-eye coordination. Eventually, I hope to strike out on my own and begin to chronicle my environment.

Someday, I may even get good enough to share some of my sketches.  Maybe.

New Menu3) In case you didn’t notice, the site has a new feature! I spent some time [re]organizing my posts into categories for easier navigation and making sure each series was appropriately filed. The menu bar now has a link directly to the most popular series on the site.  Here’s a quick rundown:

Monday Musings

Usually published Mondays; collections of 2-5 things I want to share with you but don’t merit an entire post.

MisadventuresAs the title suggests, these are the stories of my life. You’re invited to laugh along with my tales of clumsy.

Through the stormAll of the posts that deal with my journey after the loss of my dad are compiled under this heading.

Can I just sayMy thoughts on a variety of topics.

BelovedA collection of faith-based posts reflecting on my relationship with Jesus Christ, my struggles, and my insights.

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