The Dating Chronicles

Tuesday marks 3 months with A. It’s an interesting thing to settle into a comfortable semi-routine.  Both of us are extremely busy with ridiculous schedules, so date nights are a treasure.  They usually fall after a full load of tutoring on my part, which is how some of the funniest conversations happen.  My students are all girls, ages 9-15, and are fiercely protective.

On a recent Friday, I showed up at the home of two of my girls, prepped for date night (cute outfit, curled hair, you know, making any effort). My girls were so thrown by my resemblance to an actual human that they proceeded to give me the third degree about where I was going, when, and with whom. The questions then turned to the character traits of my beau, which is how this conversation happened:

Student: Is he nice?
Me: Yes, he’s very nice.
Student: Are you hoping he’s a keeper?
Me: …no, I’m hoping he’s a loser and I’m wasting my time.

I’m kidding, I didn’t actually say that! But how precious is she?! Overall, my students are way too invested in my life, and I love it.

donkey kongFast forward a couple of hours and A and I decided to get pizza for dinner. We really like the pizza from this one place, but the real draw is the old school arcade game in the take-out waiting area.  Armed with almost $10 in quarters, we made excellent use of the wait time, laughing like kids as we tried to conquer Donkey Kong. Finally, our pizza was ready and as we walked out the door, I heard a middle-aged woman comment to her husband:

“…aren’t they just the cutest thing?”


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