Monday Musings: of Christmas and cats, but not Christmas cats.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

1) I had a really hard time making a Christmas list this year. It seemed I just didn’t want or need anything that could be wrapped and put under a tree (now, if someone would like to pay my tuition, feel free).  It got so bad at one point that I was threatened with scary clowns if I wouldn’t pick something. I finally picked a few tangible things, but best part of Christmas was having the people who are important to me together.  My mom, my brother and sister-in-law (scary clown lady), and A were all present for Christmas morning and the warm fuzzies were better than any present I’ve ever opened.

Doesn’t mean I’m giving back the gifts, though…

2) If you know anything about me, you know that the love of my life is an 11 lb orange tabby named Stuart.

Just look at that face.2014-12-07 18.21.12 I mean, seriously.

Stuart pretty much has the run of the house, like most cats. He likes to pitch a fit when he’s not getting his way (rarely), or when he’s on the wrong side of a closed door (always).

We do get our acts together and ignore him, sometimes, which of course makes him a bit upset. Here’s the thing, though: Stuart is kind of brilliant, for a cat. Christmas morning, Mom, A, and I are sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and waiting for the newlyweds to wake up, when Stuart, who has been crying for No. Discernible. Reason., suddenly disappears followed by a THUMP and a small CRASH.  A looks up, alarmed, while I pause and whisper, “wait for it…” Sure enough, a few moments pass and his cry picks back up, this time much louder.  A takes a quick glance toward the bathroom at the end of the hall and his engineering mind comes to a conclusion that seems ridiculous, so he simply says, “um…is he…?”

That’s right, friends, the cat got into the bathtub, knowing that the tiled walls will amplify his voice. Because he’s kind of a jerk.

Happy Monday!


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