Monday Musings: of cleaning products, a rug in a bag, and a great lady…

It’s Tuesday, but that isn’t alliterative with “musings” so I’m just going to pretend. Mmkay, pumpkins?

1) When I get stressed out, I clean things. Seriously, the morning after my dad died, I cleaned my entire kitchen and bathroom. I couldn’t control what was happening in my life, but I could absolutely control how clean my house was when “the people” started showing up.

One of the things I hate about cleaning is the headache I get from cleaning product fumes. I can’t help feeling like I’m inhaling cancer or something when I start to scrub. Then I discovered Honest Cleaning Products. Free from toxic chemicals and harsh scents, the line includes not only cleaning products, but items for home and baby, as well. I started out with the glass cleaner and the bathroom cleaner which is appropriate for most hard surfaces. Don’t let the pleasant tea tree oil scent fool you, this stuff works. I was blown away by the incredible cleaning power. I even tackled a deep cleaning of my dreaded shower/tub and it was unbelievable.

2) So my mom bought a rug for our dining room. If you’ve never seen my dining room, it has a kind Williamsburg Blue and white thing going on with accents of yellow and pale green. Very nice.

Anyway, this rug was on sale and it was pretty and it came in what the manufacturer called “gold” but was more like yellow.  When it arrived, it was decidedly not yellow. It was, in fact, orange.  I mean, orange.  At first we thought it was a case of color misrepresentation on the internet, but upon further inspection, the tag on the rug identified the color, not as gold, but as pumpkin.


Here’s a question: how many women does it take to shove a rolled up area rug back into its packaging?  Answer: two, but they’ll certainly dissolve in to giggles more than once before it’s over.

With a good bit of heaving and shoving and general foolishness, we got the 80 lb rug back into the plastic bag/tube in which it was delivered and the very sweet UPS guy came today to pick it up.  I kind of want to give him a hug, knowing that he delivered it the first time, only to pick it up, and bring back the appropriately hued piece.

View More: Besides being election day (did you vote?!) today also marks the birthday of one of the most amazing and most important women in my life, my Mama Pat.  My paternal grandmother, it is from her that I get my writing talent, my French pronunciation, and my penchant for Britcoms. She is every bit the kind of lady I’ve always hoped to become; enduringly kind, unequivocally hospitable, and a haven for grandchildren, both real and by association.

Happy Monday(ish)!


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