Monday Musings – of haircuts, duvets, and glass hearts…

Here’s what has me going this week.

1) I’m getting my hair cut next week.  Not cut off, just shaped.  I’ve been thinking about it since I gotLong Hair Collage my last haircut and was thoroughly displeased.  Honestly, I have the worst luck with stylists.  I usually like them for a while, but then something happens and they give me a mullet and now I can’t speak to them anymore.  No good.

Now to choose a style.  I trust the stylist I’m going to to give me a beautiful cut, but I’d like to at least have an idea of what I want before I plop down in her chair and say, “Make me pretty.”  Winter is coming and the temptation to sport a thick fringe in the colder months is almost overpowering.  I’ve never regretted having bangs, but I also know that growing them out is a hassle.  Ugh.  First world problems.

Photo credits:
Lucy Hale | Sassy Bangs | Red Hair, Don’t Care | Car Selfie

emmie-ruta-duvet-cover-and-pillowcases__0287079_PE308888_S42) Duvets are pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen in the world of bed linens.  I realize that this is a fairly small world, but whatever.  The beauty of a duvet cover is that, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new bedspread, you can completely change the look of a room.  Sweet.  I’ve been rocking out a chocolate brown cover all summer, but I feel like a need something fresh for fall.  I want to keep the same palette going, so I’m looking at this number from IKEA. It’s fairly neutral, but a couple of accent pillows and I think we’re really on to something here.

3) I’ve been thinking about the human heart.  Not the physical 4-chamber contraption just to the left in my chest, but the metaphorical, emotional heart, the one that gets bruised and broken and finds love and feels joy and happiness.  I used to think that hearts were fragile; beautiful glass structures that had to be handled with care lest they shatter at the slightest bump.  I don’t know about all hearts, but I’m fairly sure mine is made of leather, or pool noodles, or something.  I’ve been heartbroken, I’ve been hurt, I’ve felt pain so visceral I thought it would undo me.  Each and every time, though, the words of Robert Frost came back to me.

It goes on

Maybe not so fragile after all…

Happy Monday!

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