Vengeance is mine…

So, this guy in my astronomy class makes me a little nuts. Alright, a lot nuts. The problem is that I have an ADD professor who has a hard time staying on track anyway and this guy asks the most irrelevant questions EVER and just wastes time. I can’t help but think that he just wants everyone else to know how smart he is. He’s forever calling out the professor on ridiculous minutia, which makes me want to scream, “NOBODY CARES!!!” But alas, I do not, for that would be rude.

So I let it go, usually. Today, however, I was pretty much done with his nonsense. The professor put up a table of weight % oxides for xenolith, crust, and chondritic meteorites (not important, don’t worry about it) and, of course, Astronomy Guy’s hand goes up.

“Are these meteorites that have already fallen to the surface or are still in space? Your table doesn’t specify”

*menemenemenema* 《《 imagine this in a high pitched voice. It’s the sound I make when I mock someone.

Before I knew what was happening, my mouth opened and I began to speak.

“The table says Meteorites and by definition that means the objects made it to the surface, right?


My professor smiled at me, and then looked at Astronomy Guy.

“She’s right,” he said, “but nice try.”


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