Of Life, Labor, and Turkey Burgers

So today is September 1. It’s also Labor Day in the US. It’s also the unofficial end of summer, even though summer technically ends later this month, and the heat will (likely) stay with us until at least mid-October. It’s also the first holiday since I quit my job and committed myself (mostly) full-time to finishing my teaching certification. This is traditionally a day for one last grill out, or a pool party, or a day out on the boat, if you live water-adjacent as I do.

My mom and I had a different plan. We’ve made a little tradition of going to a local auction house and checking out the antiques. Last year, I scored a sweet set of Polish china. This year, I came away with this baby:


I’ve never had a cast iron skillet before, but I’ve always wanted one. This one was a little rough-looking, but after a good scrub and an hour of seasoning in the oven, I had a new treasure. What a perfect day of cookouts and pool parties and auctions and grilling! The sun was shining the birds were singing, the people were absolutely wilting in the oppressive heat and humidity.

And then the rain came pouring down.

I’d like very much to say I was upset by the sudden deluge, but I can’t bring myself to. I love late summer showers: the smell of the ground, the green of the plants, the excuse to stay inside and curl up with a good book. However, the sudden weather event gave me a sweet excuse to use my new pan to grill up some tasty burgers.

20140901_171056I used ground turkey instead of beef and added shredded Granny Smith apple, chopped celery, scallions (cooked together) and a quasi-chutney (because I was out of the real stuff) before cooking off these delicious burgers.  The results were A.Maz.Ing.  Served on a wheat bun with a lettuce leaf and some spinach spread, I skipped the tomatoes (a bit too sweet) and added sliced sweet red peppers for added crunch and color.  Yum!

Happy Labor Day!


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