I saw that going differently in my head…

I enjoy Thursdays.  Honestly. Well, I enjoy Thursdays after work.  Thursday morning is like the 7th circle of Hell.  But I love to leave work on Thursday knowing the following things are true:

1) The weekend is imminent
2) I get to see my Mary Kay girls in just a couple of hours
3) I don’t have to pack my lunch tomorrow (my office orders out on Fridays)

True to form, I was excited to leave work on Thursday, doubly so because I was planning to meet up with a sweet friend of mine to have coffee before my Mary Kay meeting.   My plan was simple:

Coffee –> Meeting –> Grocery Store –> Home to bake a cake –> Bed time (roughly 11 pm)

What happened next can only be described as a bizarre parallel universe in which nothing happens the way I think it’s going to.

Maren (aforementioned sweet friend) was about 35 minutes late to meet me for coffee leaving a scant few minutes for coffee before heading off to our meeting.  I should have read the warning signs and just gone home, but hindsight, you know?

Everything seemed off to me at the meeting.  I brushed it off as just me having a bad day and tried to put on my best smile, but I couldn’t help noticing that our DJ (yeah, we’re cool like that) who also happens to be a good friend of mine, wasn’t being his normal amazing self.  He seemed confused by the music he was trying to spin (Is that right? Spin? I need to stop trying to sound cool) and kept stepping outside to get air as if he was having a hard time breathing.  Momma Bear instincts set in and I went over to find out if he was okay.  Turns out he was dizzy, disoriented, nauseated, and light-headed.  He had a stomach ache and numbing and tingling in his fingers and toes.  His pulse was racing and he was alternately sweating and chilled.  So…no.

I’m not an alarmist, I’m really not.  I’m more of a get-some-sleep-and-see-how-you-feel-in-the-morning-ist.  So when I opened my mouth, I was sure that was what was going to come out.  Instead, I heard myself say, “Do you need to go to the emergency room?”  Wait, what?

I expected him to laugh at me, tell me I was being dramatic, and that he would be fine by tomorrow.  I’ve known this kid since he was a high school wrestler.  I’ve watched him get turned into a pretzel and fight through injury and sickness to make it to the championship.  But this time it was different when he looked at me with nervous eyes and said, “Yeah.  I do.”


Waiting for the patient, so of course – Hospital Selfies!

Two hours later, we were walking out of the ER.  They’d done blood work and an EKG and pushed saline and he’d started drinking Gatorade.  Turns out he was pretty severely dehydrated, which was causing all the symptoms.

My amended schedule:

Coffee –> Meeting –> Emergency Room –> Grocery Store –> Home to bake a cake –> Bed time

I finally hit the pillow at 1:35 am.  It was a weird day, but if I had it to do a hundred times over, the only thing I’d change is not using a spring-form pan to make pineapple upside down cake.  But that’s a story for a different day.

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