Becoming June Cleaver

So, if you knew me, you’d know the following things about me:

1) I have trust issues
2) I am sarcastic
3) I am stubborn
4) I am working on it

Something you might not know about me:

5) I am not a feminist

I know it’s rough for a lot of people to imagine that there are still those of us in the world who aren’tjune_cleaver crusading for the cause, it’s just not something with which I can align myself.

Then, a troubling bit of media hit my front door.  Strictly speaking, we have a paper box, but you know what I mean.  An article was published in Parade Magazine about Giada De Laurentiis who, besides being a celebrity chef and tv personality, is opening a restaurant in Las Vegas.  The article was a look at her life, the legacy of her (film exec) grandfather, and what it’s like to grow up as an immigrant in the US.

Nestled at the end of the piece is this excerpt

De Laurentiis tries to keep her personal and work lives separate. “When I go home, I put away that person who’s in control and demanding and let [my husband] be in control. I cook for him and my daughter, and I’m a wife in that more traditional role.”

While she’s aware those comments may not sit well with many modern women, she’s not about to apologize for them. “I’m not saying this is the way everyone should do it,” she says. “I like to have a family. I don’t want to grow old by myself, and I don’t want to be a single mom.”


I don’t know how I feel about De Laurentiis insinuating that if she didn’t cook for her husband that he would leave her, but that’s between them and not at all my business.  What really gets me is that she feels the need to defend her choice to take care of her family.  Am I the only one who thinks that taking care of your family and having a life of your own aren’t mutually exclusive?

In a world of Teen Moms and Kardashians, couldn’t we use a few more June Cleavers?


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