Ethical Dilemmas Abound

Before I start: If you aren’t caught up on Black Box (and you plan to be) you should turn back now.  Major spoilers ahead.  That is all.

Okay, so I got wrapped up on this new show, Black Box, about a neurologist with a myriad of issues and a fascination with the human brain.  The show started off a little slow and I wasn’t even really sure what I was expecting, but the lead is played by Kelly Reilly who played Mary in the Sherlock Holmes films (the ones with Robert Downey Jr.) and who I first noticed as Caroline Bingley (shrew) in the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice, so I was curious enough to give it a shot.

What unfolded before me what a complicated story of the difference between living life and living life.   Dr. Catherine Black (Reilly) has bipolar disorder, a condition that, if not medicated, causes her to have manic hallucinations followed by deep depressions, the kind that caused her mother to walk into the ocean with rocks in her pockets.

So, if those are your choices: walk into the ocean, or take the meds, you take the meds, right?  Only with the drugs, she also misses out on the musical hallucinations, brilliant breakthroughs, and heightened awareness that comes with her manic episodes.  So now the choice is a little less clear.  The character is beautifully flawed in her internal struggle.

That’s not the thing that gets me.

Catherine is engaged to a (gorgeous) guy named Will (David Ajala) but is also strangely draw to fellow (also gorgeous) doctor Ian Bickman (Ditch Davey).  Will adores Catherine, but Bickman gets her.

I’ll tell you, I’m normally the one who roots for the guy who loves, not the guy who is a little dangerous, but having worked through (and continuing to work through) my own battle with mental illness, I’m rooting for the two doctors.  Bickman understands her mind, even though he doesn’t know about her illness.  What started out as a purely physical encounter has developed into mutual respect and admiration as each one give just as much to the other as they take, maybe more.   One of my greatest fears in life is never finding someone who can love all the flawed parts of me, the ones that I hide, thinking if anyone really saw me it would be too much to handle.  But maybe?

Too deep for a Wednesday?


2 thoughts on “Ethical Dilemmas Abound

  1. I certainly don’t appreciate how she is treating her current fiance. Her behavior towards him is unacceptable in my opinion, as she is truly emotionally cheating on him, even if not physically. But I agree that he’s the better pick for her 🙂


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