Act like you’ve been here before…

I heard something truly disturbing this week.

I also experienced something disturbing in that I saw my ex-boyfriend at Target last night, but that’s a story for a different day.

I’m not about finger-pointing or calling people out on the internet, so I’ll be vague as I try to recap.  There was a change at my church and a fellow church-goer had a good bit of anxiety about the transition and so he asked everyone to keep it in prayer. The transition has come to pass (and just about as seamlessly as could be) and this fellow congregant expressed his surprise at how relatively uneventful the whole thing was.  I was overcome with frustration and had to actively keep myself from shouting at him.

Why?  I’m glad you asked.Jabez

The purpose of the change was to enable the church to reach more people for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our stated mission, as a church, is “To live and love like Jesus and to help others to do the same.”  We prayed for blessing and grace and a smooth transition and God blessed us richly.  Did this (very well-meaning and highly respected) man really have a right to be shocked that God was able to do this?

Who are we to ask God for things and then act surprised when He gives them to us?  Humbled? Sure. Grateful? Absolutely.  But shocked?  Have we so little faith that we are surprised at God’s ability to answer our prayers?  How dare we attempt to minimize God?

A wise (and deeply fabulous) friend of mind has told me on several occasions that when you ask for God to richly and abundantly bless you, you need to prepare yourself to be richly and abundantly blessed.  You cannot “out ask” God.

Just ask Jabez.

Happy Friday!


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