Adventures in Proverbs: playing with fire…

Proverbs Challenge

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Imagine a young, attractive, intelligent (and totally humble) girl who works in a field where customers are coming in and out of her office every day with ridiculous requests,  but she tries her best to give each customer the care and attention they need.   An aura builds. She gets a reputation for being sweet and just a little sassy, with a friendly smile and quick, sharp wit.  This particular set of qualities attracts the special attention of a certain sub sect of human culture: the married, middle-aged man

They like coming to see her, for the attention and to hear her laughs at their jokes, and they, in turn, treat her as if she’s a rare find: precious and special.  Sometimes, their comments are laced with the slightest bit of innuendo, but she pretends not to notice, telling herself that she’s not interested in them romantically, so what’s the harm?

What’s the harm, indeed.

“Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?” (Proverbs 6:27)

Being a man of God is hard work, there’s no question.  The question is this: if I desire a Godly man to be my partner in life, and I go forth on the assumption that my sisters in Christ want the same thing, shouldn’t I be working hard to protect the character of the men with whom I interact?  Shouldn’t I be striving each day to not only hold on to my own honor, but preserve theirs?  Honor is like your life savings, once it’s gone, there’s nothing left, and you have to work like mad to get it built back up again.   Honor is gone long before sin arrives.  Just the suggestion of wrong-doing can damage a reputation beyond repair.

Do I want to be that stumbling block for others?

Do you?

Chime in!

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