This is my temporary home…

So I have this job.

I love my coworkers and I get along really well with my boss and I even like most of my customers, but there are just days, you know?  Days when I wonder how this became my life.  Days when I say or do stupid things and can’t shake the feeling that I’ve completely ruined everything.  Days when I’m convinced that I must be just about the least competent person on the face of this Earth.  Days when I feel like sitting in my office and bawling my eyes out.  Or, you know, days when that actually happens.

Like yesterday.  It was rough. In fact, it was so rough that when I went to choir practice later this happened:

Well Meaning Friend: Hey, sweetie, are you okay?

Me: I’m just having a rough day.

WMF: (sympathetic smile) You want to talk about it?

Me: *bursts into tears*

Oh yeah, it was classy.

I had today off but had class tonight and as I’m sitting in a room of education professionals all discussing assessment techniques and practices, I realized something important.  While most people might have been bored to tears, I was riveted. I had things to add to the conversation: opinions, insights.  I was in HEAVEN talking about ASSESSMENTS.

I’m going to be a great teacher.  That’s my dream job.  That’s my life’s work.

The rest is just temporary.


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