Why Won’t You Let Me Help You?!?!

Have you ever wanted to shake someone? Not a baby.  WE NEVER SHAKE A BABY. But  full-grown adult.  Ever wanted to just grab them by the shoulders and scream, “Snap out of it!!!!!!” I had such an experience recently. It went something like this:

Me: Hey!

Friend in Obvious Emotional Pain: Hey.

Me: Are you okay?

FiOEP: No.

Me. What’s wrong?

FiOEP: Nothing.

…well obviously that’s not true.

I mean, how dare you resist my kindness?! I’m a freaking ray of sunshine!!!  Eventually, I calmed down and realized that sometimes, people just need to be left alone, but I was still a little upset about it.

Then I saw this flashmob to Tchaikovsky and now I feel tons better. Love it!

Happy Monday!



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