Scarred for Life

My grandmother reads my blog.  I love that for the following reasons:

1) My grandmother is cooler than your grandmother

2) My grandmother can use a computer with style. Can yours?

3) See #1

However, for this very reason, today’s story is going to be a little, hmm…euphemistic.

There is a certain local band for whom my boss asked me to track down some artwork today.  He said that I could find the artwork on the band’s Facebook page.  Okay, cool.

So I went to Facebook at typed the name of the band into the search window.

Apparently the name of this band is also the name of an…um…intimate position?  This must be a popular, uh, style because there are Facebook groups dedicated to it. With photos.

You see where this is going, don’t you?  Let’s just say that the band was not the first page that showed up in the results and I was left sitting in my office screaming, “Oh! No no no no no!”

So, yeah.  That’s how my day went.  How about you? Leave a comment below!


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