Enough With the Lemons Already…

Two girls walk into a Mexican restaurant.  They are each wearing workout clothes and carrying designer handbags.  Neither appears to have sweat recently, but both look extremely tired.

Can you figure it out?

It was a rough day.

So I was on my way to pick up Emily so we could go to Jazzercise (btw: I LOVE Jazzercise!!!).  When I arrived at her home, I heard the following sound coming from my car:


Which of the following is the source of the sound?

A) There was a snake that had slithered up and was nesting on top of the spare tire in order to get away from the cold.

B) My back left tire was impaled and was leaking air at an alarming rate.

C) Someone lit a fuse and my car was about to blow up.

If you guessed B) Flat tire, you win!

The tire was changed, Jazzercise was missed, and we ended up going for Mexican food instead.  This came at the end of an incredibly long day that was just a blip in the life of a ridiculously long week.  It would be easy to sit in a corner and do my best impression of Eeyore, but I’ve decided to adopt an attitude of gratefulness.  Otherwise, I might lose my mind.

I’m thankful:

… for Jack, Emily’s dad, who changed my tire

…that I was in the driveway of a friend, and not on some back road or someplace dangerous

…that my tire started deflating while there was still daylight

…that my dad took my car to get the tire plugged for me while I was at work

…that the tire could be plugged and didn’t have to be replaced

…for Mexican food, which was a single bright spot in an otherwise horrible day

…that I have a job that allows me to even own a car, in a pretty ugly economic climate

…that it didn’t rain, or sleet, or snow during my time of crisis

There is so much in my life for which to give thanks, and I’m sure in yours too.  Leave a comment about a time you chose thankfulness over bitterness!

Have a lovely Thursday!


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