New Year, New You, or, Walk of Shame

I almost don’t want to show my face.  It’s so embarrassing how long I’ve left my sweet blog in neglect. Okay, not almost embarrassing,  really really really really embarrassing   And I’m sorry.  I’ve got excuses (grad school/work/not being able to say “no”) but mostly I didn’t make time for a really important relationship, my relationship with you, my readers.  You guys are amazing, and hopefully you’ll still love me, even though I haven’t published a blog in this calendar year.

That being said, I’ve decided to move on with renewed fervor, as I try to get back into the swing of things.   So here we go!

There’s something about March.  It makes me itchy.

Photo Credit: Mark Saidnawey

Not just because the pollen is starting to come out and my eyes will itch from now until winter comes again, but there is also a newness about it.  With the buds popping up and the birds coming home and that really annoying woodpecker who has decided the right outside my window is good place to hang out at 6 am, change is in the air.  It’s really my favorite time of year, which I say about almost every time of year, so take it with a grain of salt, you know?

It’s the change that makes me itchy.  It’s that feeling that I need to do something different.  I tend to cut my hair in March.  I’ve broken up with every boyfriend I’ve ever had in March (I jokingly say that if a relationship lasted through March, I’d know it was love).  I change my mind, my mood, my surroundings.  I started this blog in March, two years ago.  Sometimes I think we should make our resolutions in March instead of an arbitrary point at the beginning (think about it) of winter.

True to form, I’m making some major changes in my life and in my routine, which I can’t wait to chronicle for you in the coming weeks, but for now, I’d like to ask your opinion.

What changes are you making this Spring?


Chime in!

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