An open love letter to Google…

So what happened was….

Me: Google!  I ruined this white shirt!

Google: Would you please calm down?

Me: What do I do?!?!

Google: What kind of stain?

Me: Ink pen!  It’s NEVER COMING OUT!!!!!!

Google: Would you shut up? Do you have any alcohol wipes?

Me: um..yes?

Google: And a clean towel?

Me: …yeah…

Google: Towel, then shirt, dab with alcohol.

Me: Okay.  Hold on.

*dab dab dab dab*

Me: GOOGLE!!!! It worked!!!! YOU ARE THE SMARTEST EVER!!!!!!!

Google: I know…it’s cool

Me: Google, will you marry me?

Google: …

Me: I’m sorry.  I took it too far.  That’s my bad.

Google: I think we should just be friends.

Me: That’s cool, that’s cool.

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