Let them eat chicken…

Okay okay…I’ve talked about my chicken salad before, but I have this problem wherein I make chicken salad, with the intention of taking a photo and showing all of you lovely people, and then something terrible happens.

I eat it.

Every last bite.

No photo.  No bueno.

Chicken salad is one of those crazy personal things that everyone either things they make the best version of, or that their mother/mother-in-law/grandmother/aunt/church hostess/mailman makes the best version of and I’m here to say that’s all fine and good, but I’d put my chicken salad up against anyone else’s any day of the week and I wouldn’t sweat even a little.

It’s a pretty simple recipe, actually.  I start with chopped broccoli (broccoli slaw mix works well too) cauliflower, carrots, or whatever sturdy veggies I have in my fridge and add shredded cheese, chopped cooked bacon, mayonnaise, and little ranch dressing.  Mix it up let it hang out in the fridge while you roast your boneless, skin-less chicken parts of choice.  While the chicken is still warm, chop it into bite-sized pieces (but not super small) and fold it into the mixture.  Serve immediately as a sandwich, on crackers, or in a cup (no joke). Simple, yes?

The warmth of the chicken does something incredible to the salad and makes it really Really REALLY good.

A couple hints:

Don’t add too much mayonnaise.  You want chicken salad, not soup.  Start with a tablespoon or two and add more later, if needed.

Make sure your bacon is really crispy.  Nothing sucks more that mushy bacon.  Ick.

Chop your veggies nice and small.  They act as texture, not crudités.

A note:  if you are one of my American readers, please Please PLEASE vote today.  You have a responsibility and a gift, so use it.

Happy Tuesday!


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