Will you, like, shoot a field goal for me at your baseball match?

My office has a football pool.  Two whole dollars to buy in.

I should start with this: I don’t know that much about professional football.

Now, I do understand the game, I can watch the whole thing without getting bored, and I know what’s going on and what at all the calls mean.  I understand the touchback and the icing the kicker and I get why if you can’t win all the games, the next most important thing is that someone else lose the right games.  I get it.

Maybe I should rephrase: I don’t care that much about professional football. Better.

Except the Steelers.  GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

But, as I said, my office has a football pool.  So I play.

These were my picks from the weekend (My choices are underlined, the winners are italicized)

Tennessee at Buffalo

Cleveland at Indianapolis

Washington at NY Giants

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Dallas at Carolina

Baltimore at Houston

Green Bay at St. Louis

Arizona at Minnesota

NY Jets at New England

Jacksonville at Oakland

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

As you can see, I only missed two.  TWO!!!!!!  In any other week, that would have been enough to win.  Not this week.  Two people only missed one, so we’ll have to see what happens tonight when Detroit plays Chicago to find out the winner.

Ugh. So close.

So tell me, do you have a secret to picking teams for the office pool?  Does it work?  I’m determined to win one of these things, so I need your advice!!

Happy Monday!


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