Just don’t think about the needles….

I like tattoos.

There I said it.  I like them.  I think they are often beautiful displays of art.  Sure, there are terrible tattoos out there, and really stupid ones, but a lot of them are really cool.

For my birthday two years ago, my brother got me a bunch of books about tattooing.  I think he really wants me to become a tattoo artist, but my anxiety says probably not.  Still, it’s really cool to read about tattoos, the history and the technique.

I grew up around bikers and military guys, so people with tattoos don’t scare me.  I’ve even drawn a few tattoos for my brother, and designed my own.  This one is my favorite.  The smudgy parts used to be his name and social security number so, for obvious reasons, you don’t get to see that part.

The actual tattoo is oriented vertically on his side and is supposed to look like his ribs showing through with both vintage and his current dog-tags intertwined.  I’m pretty proud of it, no lie.

My brother’s best friend has been putting off getting a tattoo for years (between you and me, I think he’s just afraid of needles) but now he’s finally ready, and I’m about to start drawing it.  I’m excited to start a new project.  We’ll see how it goes.

Hope you’re having a great Labor Day!


2 thoughts on “Just don’t think about the needles….

  1. Awesome tattoo. I quite like tattoos myself, although i always think they should have some kind of meaning, even if it’s just your favourite animal or something. I know too many people who just went in on a whim and got a rubbishy looking thing that means nothing to them, they all regret them.

    I know I want a tattoo one day, it’s just breaking the news to my mum which would be the hard part.


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