The Bird and The Bee

The universe says, “HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!”

It’s grey and overcast here, as it has been for a couple days, but on the bright side, it’s only about  70 degrees, which is just crazy for August.  But I’ll take it!

I met a cute boy yesterday.  More on that later if it turns into anything.  The real story here is what happened when I got home last night.  It was about 9 and when I opened my front door, my cat ran in the house, along with what I thought was a big moth.  Moths are inconvenient, and they eat up your clothes, so I was prepared to shoo it back outside.  Only it wasn’t a moth.

It was a bird.


There was a bird in my house

(Not my bird, but a bird – photo credit Debbie Milligan.  Click to see the original post)

In my efforts to get the bird to leave my dwelling, I left the front door open, and in flew all manner of insects, including the BIGGEST BEE I’VE EVER SEEN.  EVER.  And the bee was trying to kill itself by flying directly into the lights.  Just great.

Fortuitously, I knew my dad was already headed my way, so after 20 minutes of being unable to do anything but enrage the suicidal bee, I waited until he got there and he killed the bee.  Then we trapped the bird in one room and eventually it landed on floor and I threw a tee shirt on it.  That’s right, a tee shirt.  No judging. My dad scooped it (the bird laced tee shirt) up and released it (the bird) out the door.  In the meantime, Stuart was LOSING HIS MIND trying to get the bird and ran out the door after it.  I’ll say this for Stuart though, when I lost the bird, he found it.  And tried to eat it. Definitely a memorable start to the week.

In honor of the grey and potentially rainy-ness of today, I’ve put together for your listen pleasure, my Rainy Day Playlist.

A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover
Joshua Radin – I’d Rather Be With You
Vanessa Carlton – White Houses
Lady Antebellum – If I Knew Then
Sara Barellies – Gravity
Tegan & Sara – Where Does The Good Go?
The Band Perry – If I Die Young
Vanessa Carlton – Ordinary Day
The Script – I’m Yours
Jason Mraz – If It Kills Me
A Fine Frenzy – You Picked Me
Alexz Johnson – 2am
Band of Horses – The End’s Not Near
Dispatch – The General
Jim Brickman – By Heart
Rascal Flatts – Every Day
US Royalty – Where Are You Now

So there you go.  Here’s hoping this week is less eventful than last night.

Happy Monday!


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