[Re]Working It…Day 70


So I feel like I need to start by explaining myself. Last night was my father’s birthday. Sixty-one. SIXTY-ONE. After 61 years, you have to get creative with the things that he would like to do and receive for his birthday. Cue: Tequila Grill, a super yummy Mexican Restaurant right down the street from us. Simone and I have frequented a few times. Their fajitas are to DIE for. Mmmmm…tasty! Anywho…this is what he wanted so this is what we did. Three orders of fajitas (there were three of us, not all mine…), one sombrero and 8 singing waiters, and a Feliz Cumpleanos, Papa!

I know you think this has nothing to do with you, but this was, in fact an ALL EVENING affair. In our family we go big or go home…but our home is kind of big, so really there’s no option in the matter. SO. Long story short, I’m behind, I’m sorry, I’m going to try harder next week.

Now, onto the real stuff.

For the month of August, the last **tear**real month of summer (or summer break at least), I opted for a lot of “boring” pieces that you could really see at any time of year. For instance, black trouser pants, these are cotton, from Old Navy and can be worn year round and are virtually flattering on everyone. I also opted for a pair of skinny jeans, I know we have our boot cut jeans that we use in our Essential Outfit. However, I feel like most of us have more than just boot cut in our closet so I wanted to incorporate them. Additionally, I added two t-shirts that can take you clear into fall and if styled appropriately even winter and a polo that is great for work or play.

The other five pieces are more seasonal, a white, gauzy dress, something you  won’t really see after September, a denim dress, depending on the temperature this could potentially wear into October. As well as a Maxi dress, print shorts and a print blouse. Special focus on the maxi dress. This is my favorite thing right now. The maxi dress is so comfortable. I love this one because it was a Wal-Mart find. (I KNOW, I was surprised too!) You can wear a dress like this anywhere and feel free and cool and stylish.

And those are out thirty one pieces. Without a doubt this was our easiest month to date. Despite what pictures showed you last week, I think it was because we are finally getting the hang of this! Who would have guessed?! Tune in next week for round one of the outfits!



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