[Re]Working It…The Untold Story

Hey kids, Simone here!

Okay, so there are 5 Wednesdays in August, and instead of trying to mess with the system we’ve established, Emily and I decided to give you and unfettered look into the making of the [Re]Working It column.  Now the outfits you see are the result of careful and extreme planning, and quite a bit of work, and they all happen at the same time.  Emily and I get together and discuss, style, and photograph the whole month in one afternoon (or in August’s case, the middle of the night).  So we thought we would give you an inside look.  Hope you enjoy!

We always start out really excited!!!!!!

but it doesn’t always last….

First we gather the clothes…

Then I make a fancy schmancy spread sheet!

Then we start photographing the outfits.  Sometimes, Emily tries to fly away….

Other times, she loses her cool…

And other times, she gets stuck…

Sometimes I get bored waiting for her to change, and I start taking random photos….

My foot! Plus a totally awesome pillow I made for her….

So pretty!

So that’s a peek inside the illustrious (and often chaotic) world of [Re]Working It!

BTW – We have a crafting day planned this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some all new projects to show you next week!

Have a lovely weekend!


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