[Re]Working It…Day 55

This is the last Wednesday of the month. Wait. Huh?

One more month until I’m back in the glorious state of Pennsylvania! Whats better? I will soon be placed in front of 20+ 10-11 year olds. How crazy is that?! EEEP! I’m excited!

I’m also excited for the last installment of this month’s Re-Work. We had an extra challenge of coming up with ELEVEN outfits instead of ten. Yes, yes, that’s only one outfit more. Ya know what? That extra outfit makes a big difference when you’ve already changed thirty times already! Holy Cow! But, all well worth it of course!

A word of warning: I apologize for some of my poses and facial expressions. However, I do hope that they bring as much of a smile to your face as they have to mine.

Outfit #1: A great option for a more dressy occasion, without looking too done up! It will also keep you cooler as everything is a nice lightweight cotton. Success! As it is supposed to be 99 degrees here Thursday. Boo, whore.

Outfit #2: I’m sure you can tell, this is simply a wrap dress with our black top over it, making it an adorable skirt choice! Throw on nude heels a long layered necklace and be ready for a day at work, this outfit takes about seven minutes—worst-case scenario. Which is great for non-morning person people, like myself.

Outfit #3: This is a great outfit for a weekend of sightseeing. You will be able to work on your tan, while checking out some of the sights wherever you are. Don’t forget your SPF!

Outfit #4: Pardon my curtsy, its really not good to stretch fabrics like that! I do love this super comfortable dress. It doesn’t get any better than this. Super soft, super comfortable, super versatile. My favorite part? Yep! You guessed it! The camel colored belt that is placed at my natural waist (or yours) to make me look my leanest!

Outfit #5: God love the printed dress, throw on our essential yellow sweater and add a black belt and wedges for an extremely polished and put together outfit. The colors are great together. Its not necessary to “match” your outfit just needs to look put together, and “flow”.

Outfit #6: I love this shirt, as you know. Paired with a pair of jeans and peep toed flats I think this is a great outfit for a barbecue or a weekend in the mountains. Something comfortable and casual.

Outfit #7: And as if outfit #6 wasn’t good enough! Add a black tee over the red blouse and add a little pizzazz to the outfit! This does make the outfit seem a bit more formal because the red acts as a collar, making the outfit casual Friday at work appropriate!

Outfit #8: This was one of the “please forgive the pose” pictures. It’s probably self explanatory that this is our polo dress with the white tee-shirt over it. This adds dimension to the outfit. Making it perfect for practically anything!

Outfit #9: Simple, but classic. This black tee with taupe pants and leopard shoes is so comfortable yet so Jackie-O! Perfect for work, church, or weekend wear! Here’s a hint: if you’re nervous about mixing brown and black at the same time pair the two with leopard. Both hues pull from leopard which means you are of course “matching” both colors to something and you will feel more put together. It’s a great way to branch in to combining neutrals.

Outfit #10: Even though I don’t look excited about this outfit, I am. Promise! This is a great outfit for a cookout, beach bonfire, running errands. Anything casual! This shirt could be worn in or out of the shorts. Shoes and accessories are what will make this outfit. I have on nude flip-flops and statement earrings to create the message, that although my outfit is simple I still put thought into it!

Outfit #11: Again, super classic! It can look boring, Simone and I decided I could look like a librarian in this outfit. But what librarian wears super cute wedges and silver hoops. The key is to accessorize this outfit and because its such a classic outfit you can go with metal, color, anything really. Use your imagination! Make it yours!

Wow. 31 outfits, we did it, didn’t we? That’s an AWESOME feeling. One more month…that’s a little saddening. Hmph. Well we have five more weeks before we have to dwell on that! (That’s right five, August is quite the rebel with an extra week!)

Until next Wednesday!


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