[Re]Working It…Day 48

So, I have a confession to make. Promise you won’t judge me, k?

As you know I can’t buy any clothing for the summer. (Although, I am over half way through SAY WHAAA–WOOO HOO!) To cope with this I have started going shopping, with friends, without a wallet (let’s be clear, I’m NOT stealing). I am now the style guru, giving fashion advice and encouraging my friends to buy new dresses, skirts and adorable tops during this super-hot, but ever inspiring realm of summer fashions. AKA Living vicariously through everyone else’s closet!

One friend in particular, my dear friend Heather and I, work together. Our office building is a sky rise built over a Target. Can we talk about how dangerous this is?! So this is my apology and thank you to Heather, and all my other friends. Thank you for helping me cope, and aiding in breaking the cycle of a chronic shopaholic. And in turn, I apologize for encouraging your spending habits (although you look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE). Also, apologize to Tom (everyone Tom is Heather’s goofball of a husband) for me, and thank him for not banning you from seeing me, as he knows the trouble we get in to between Target and that ever shiny, faded black strip Target RedCard. Love you!

So, continuing on…We are officially halfway through this challenge. Downward slope WOOHOO! I have to be honest, I love my hair in these pictures, I was very fortunate we caught it on such a good day! I ❤ good hair days!

Outfit 1–I love this outfit for shopping, lunch, work, BBQ, you name it I feel like it can work! This is simply a white shirt, denim skirt and black peep toed wedges. You could choose to tuck this shirt in; I chose to keep it out for a more casual look! I added a gold pendant necklace to focus the eye. This outfit took about five minutes. SCORE!

Outfit 2–The more I see this top, the more I love it! This is a great work outfit, the taupe pants paired with a playful top such as this provides a great balance to this structured bottoms. As I look at this outfit I think I would really like to try this blouse tucked in. No need to add a necklace here! As there is plenty going on with the ruffles, I added tear drop earrings and called it a day!

Outfit 3–This outfit is quite the illusion if you ask me! I simply paired the blue print dress with a black, puffed sleeve blouse, so it makes it look like a tulip skirt. I’ll take it! Paired with black flats and a long silver link necklace, this look is perfect for brunch or work or even Sunday church.

Outfit 4–This is probably one of my favorites, because of my love for the teal and camel combo! This is a very relaxed outfit, great for entertaining friends on a casual night or even a date night. The beauty of the belt is that it draws the eye to the narrowest part of you! Remember, if you’re not sure where to find that, grab a mirror and start belting out “I’m a Little Teapot”!

Outfit 5–Probably my favorite outfit for this go-round! And you can’t even see why! Darn It! This is simply a black tee and wine colored shorts with a pair of black peep toed flats. I love this outfit because its simple and yet adorable but also because there is a polka dotted belt that you can’t see, but I know is there. This shirt is actually tucked in and for the first time in a LONG time, I’ve been able to wear it this way. Making me look super slender, fooled ya, didn’t I? 😉

Outfit 6–Nothing too out of the ordinary here, simply a wrap dress and nude heels. An outfit that takes under thirty seconds but will impress for days!

Outfit 7–This outfit is also really simple, taking mere moments to coordinate, but can be instantly office appropriate with the right shoe. I chose wedges to go along with the summer vibe however you could play this with heels or even boots in the WINTER time.

Outfit 8–Whether you’re running errands or going to a cookout or bonfire this outfit will keep you comfy and cool while still looking adorable! I added nude flip flops so I didn’t take away from the pretty flowers on the top! You could add a different colored tank under the outfit if you wanted to spice it up some!

Outfit 9–I can’t think of anywhere you wouldn’t want to wear this outfit! It is absolutely perfect for every activity. Its comfy, cute, roomy and can we sophisticated enough to wear to work, however I don’t suggest flip flops if you’re going to wear it there! Big key here, you need to have color somewhere! I chose the sweater, because I feel like everyone has cotton slacks and a white shirt. Make sure to jazz it up somewhere!

Outfit 10–I know, I know, there’s a lot of pinkish, purple-ish, merriment going on here. So we broke it up with navy (a neutral–LOVE neutrals) and I have to say this looks pretty darn cute!!! Of course, nude footwear is key here, no more color necessary!

So that’s it for this week. I really am starting to love the looks more and more as they go on. I’ll be honest though, and again, no judging. I’m already excited for fall and planning out my September 1st. I see dresses and tights in my Autumn Future. This is me, PUMPED!

Until next week!


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