Weekend Warriors…Birchbox

I have the death.  Seriously, I think this is the end for me….


In addition to whatever is ailing me, tonight is also the last night of VBS and I have two huge projects that have to go out the door today.

Stress?  Nah…

Anyway, in honor of my crazy busy life, I want to introduce you to an amazing…thing, this week’s Weekend Warrior: Birchbox (www.birchbox.com).  Before I go on, I should say that this is a non-sponsored post, and I’m not being paid to talk about this company. Good?  Good.  Anyway, Birchbox is a kind of product matchmaker.  Once you get a subscription to Birchbox, for $10 per month, they send you a box of generously sized samples of upscale lifestyle and beauty products.  Use them for yourself, give them to friends, the choice is yours.  If you like what you get, you can buy full size versions of these products from the Birchbox site.

But that’s not even the best part.  Seriously.

Hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for $10/month.

Take some time to look around the site, and you’ll notice that the greatest resource is information.  Each product has a full ingredient list, plus tips on how to use it, and pairings with other products.  They also have a YouTube channel with tons of video tutorials on everything from smoky eyes to curling your hair with a flat-iron.

And for my male readers, Birchbox has a section for you too, stocked will all kinds of grooming, shaving, and lifestyle products.  They even have an entire section for Masters of the Grill.  So there you go.

You can also give a subscription as a gift.  Sweet!

The only catch is that Birchbox is invitation only (like Pinterest), but there is no way to get an invitation early, you just have to wait your turn (not like Pinterest).  From the time I signed up to the time I got my invite was about 2 or 3 weeks, so be patient.  Also, once you get your invite, you have 72 hours to respond before they move on to the next person in line. So be patient….and then GO!

Special thanks to Emily, for turning me on to this service (even though she waited too long and lost her chance!)

Have a Lovely Weekend!