Curse You, Irma Rombauer!!!!

I know, I know…I’m terrible.

This week has been…I can’t even…there aren’t…kindergarten teacher!

You know what I mean?

I’m the Director of Preschool VBS this week, and that on top of my more than full time job is taking it’s toll.  So I’ve been terribly remiss about posting.  I hope you can get over it forgive me.

Anyway, you know me to be a baker, so when I was asked to make 48 cupcakes for Vacation Bible School, I was not at all fazed.  I pulled out my well-worm copy of The Joy of Cooking and found a recipe for Golden Cake that made good use of the egg yolks I had leftover from the 4th of July cake.  The cake is a lot of work, but none of it is difficult or complex, just time consuming.  First you cream together butter and sugar until it light and fluffy.  Then you beat egg yolks (8 of them!) until they are pale and silky and beat them into the butter and sugar.  After sifting together cake flour, baking powder and salt, you add that, alternating with some milk.  Then beat the whole thing together for just another minute to combine and you have a lovely full bodied cake batter.  Drop by ice cream scoop into cupcake liners and throw in the oven for 20 minutes until golden.  Easy, yes?

With the incredible amount of ingredients, I thought for sure that this batter would make enough cupcakes for my group.  I needed 48, I was sure I could get to at least 36.

It made 18 cupcakes.  18.


So I frantically ran to the store and bought enough boxed cake mix to make my cupcakes and kept the others at home just for me.  Truth.

I am not ashamed, and these cupcakes are really good.  I didn’t even bother frosting them, they are that good.

What are you gonna do?

Happy Thursday….and here’s hoping I get back on track soon!