[Re]Working It…Day 41

Happy Wednesday!

We are now on the downward slope of the work week (thank Heavens!) As I was saying last week, I am in love with this month’s pieces and the outfits that were born from them!

Outfit 1: I love this outfit, it reminds me of something in a Ralph Lauren catalog (Classic, right?!) I decided to tuck in the shirt because of the button embellishments on the front of the denim skirt. Flip flops make this outfit great for a backyard barbecue; you could totally add nude heels instead for a perfect casual Friday outfit!

Outfit 2: Everyone, calm down! I know you’re thinking stripes and spots, heavens no! But really, how cute is this! The belt helps the eye focus on the waist, embracing (or for our more slender girls, creating) an hour-glass figure.

Outfit 3: I love the color combo in this outfit. It seems a little far-fetched but I think its super vibrant. You can see there is a white shirt under the sweater. However, this outfit does not require it; I just needed to make sure the girls weren’t playing peek-a-boo.

Outfit 4: This outfit is very direct, the blue printed dress with an adorable black and white necklace. I love dresses like this because the tie waist allows you to place the waist where you’re narrowest part lies. This is a great outfit for weekend wear or work wear. Who doesn’t love multifunction?!

Outfit 5: This is a great work outfit, and super comfortable too. We took the black t-shirt and layered it over the ruffled blouse paired with taupe pants and it is super classic! This picture shows black heels however, leopard print flats would also be adorable–great for our walking commuters.

Outfit 6: It doesn’t get any easier than that! Black tee and jeans is great for errands, a Saturday night get together with friends or chilling at home. I paired this outfit with my Coach shoes because of how comfortable they are!

Outfit 7: As you can clearly see this month, ruffles were my fave. 🙂 The ruffles add a little something extra, bringing the view to your chest and away from any less-than-flattering parts.

Outfit 8: This outfit incorporates our jean skirt and our blue tank top. To ensure that there was not too much blue in the outfit, we broke it up with a soft pink tank underneath to add some color. We chose flip flops but you could also decide on wedges instead, depending on the event that you will be sporting this to!

Outfit 9: This was probably our farthest fetch outfit but how cute did it turn out, right?! This belt again, allows the wearer to embrace their narrowest part. the ruffles also end at the perfect place to add to the focal point. Nude heels were my shoe of choice, not to overload the outfit on color.

Outfit 10: This outfit layers the black tee over the green polo dress. creating a super cute skirt outfit! I added wedges, this is a great brunch outfit or even casual Friday.

We just finished the first week of month two. Wowzers!

As always send us pictures of what you think/create!

Happy Almost-End-of-the-Week!


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